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Natural Makeup 101: The No-Makeup, Makeup Look

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Don’t get us wrong, we love more-is-more makeup: the full coverage foundation, gleaming highlight, bold eye looks and sculpted contour.

But some days roll around when you just want to strip it all back – these days call for something a little softer: a no-makeup makeup look. The makeup community’s current obsession, the barely-there natural look mimics the appearance of a fresh face with soft and light touches of product. It may sound a little contradictory, but this look is perfect for those casual days when you want to look both subtle and snatched.

So, let’s peel off the falsies, tone down the bronzer, and embrace ‘skinimalism’.


How To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look and ‘skinimalism’ as an entire movement really starts with your skincare – so nailing down your routine with the best ingredients and products for your face will stand you in good stead.

If you’re ready to hop on board this skin-loving, au naturale trend, we’ve assembled this how-to guide to help you put together this lovely, luminous look.


Looking for some skincare inspo to update your routine? 

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Get Ready To Glow

As we’re leaving full coverage behind for this natural makeup look, primer is a must! To ensure that your skin is a smooth, silky canvas for this minimal moment, prepping your base will allow the few products we’re using to last through the day. We love our Fix and Glow Primer for a dewy, plump finish that promises all-day radiance.

Expert Tip! If enlarged pores and skin texture are a battle that you face on the daily, we’d recommend you use a blurring primer before you go in for the glow. Our IRL Pore Blur Filter Primer will tame that texture and fill in those pesky little pores for an even, dreamy base.

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Try a Tint

Pop the lids back on your foundations for this natural makeup look: tinted serums, moisturizers and balms are our faves for a fresh face. With their lighter pigments, thinner consistencies and natural, barely-there finishes, we’re forsaking full coverage and embracing these tinted treasures for our no-makeup makeup look. They’re sheer yet oh-so chic.

Once your primer has set, sweep a few drops of our Superdewy Tinted Moisturizer over your face – forget the brushes here as the heat from your fingertips will help melt the product into your skin for a seamless, subtle finish.


PSA! New product alert! If you tend to struggle with blemishes or dark circles, spot concealing will be your solution! Apply light touches of our new IRL Filter Finish Concealer to conceal any imperfections and blend with a fluffy brush or your finger to retain that natural look.

With an ultra-precise doe foot applicator and an oil-free formula, you are sure to achieve that seamless blend into the skin, keeping you fresh-faced and fierce – win-win, right?


Stick To The Sticks

When it comes to the matter of the best blush and highlighter combo for a natural makeup look, we’re all about sticks, creams and liquids. Sorry powders, you’re not needed here! The lighter formulas and skin-like finishes of our Fast Base Blush Sticks are perfect for the no-makeup makeup look.

Expert Tip! For a natural flush and lit-from-within-glow, be sure to select colors and shades that mimic the tones that appear on your face organically.

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Browns Are A Vibe

Brown mascara is already a go-to if you’re blessed with blonde locks or red tresses, but they’re also the perfect addition to any barely-there makeup look. Softly feathered, teased out brown lashes will give you that awake, refreshed appearance but will marry seamlessly with your fresh, glowing natural makeup look.

Expert Tip! Take your lash game to the next level by gently curling them with a lash curler before layering on the mascara!

Whether you prefer them feathery and light or thick and voluminous, give your lashes some love with our range of mascaras!

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Clear Brow Gel:

As much as we love our pomades and pens, a fluffy and brushed-out brow is our pick for a no-makeup makeup look. A heavily filled-in brow can look intense when paired with a face of fresh, natural makeup. However, defined and shaped brows are still essential for giving your face structure, so style your brows according to their natural shape with a clear brow gel. With a few simple swipes and a steady hand, our Extra Hold Brow Glue will ensure that those brows stay in place all day.


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Lovin’ The Lip Oils

Lip oils have blossomed in popularity recently, and seem to have found a place among most of the major makeup trends – and we’re so here for it. They’re an effortless way of enhancing your natural lip shade and achieving that gorgeous and glazed pout without the punch of color. Our Glaze Lip Oil is the perfect, penultimate touch that adds a hint of glam to your radiant look.

Mattes, glosses and liners: we’ve got them all! Shop our lovely lip products to give you the perfect pout whatever your preference!

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Faux Freckles For The Win

What’s the perfect finishing touch to your fresh face of natural makeup? Well, we love nothing more than to see a couple of freckles peeking out under your cream blushes and soft skin tints. They’re a handy way of reinforcing your fresh, stripped-back makeup look by imitating the appearance of natural beauty marks. Use our Freckle Me pen to lightly dust your nose bridge and cheekbones with a scattering of faux-freckles to complete your natural makeup look.


And there you have it! Our guide to crafting the cutest, natural makeup look that welcomes a little ‘skinimalism’ into your life!

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