How To Apply Primer For Truly Smooth Makeup


Say hello to your new makeup bag staple. A makeup primer is the missing link that connects your skincare routine and makeup application to achieve an even-looking complexion and flawless makeup, even on the longest of days and latest of nights. 

But how do you apply primer, and how does it benefit your skin? We’ve got you covered with our failsafe guide on how to use primer, as we reveal what to look for when choosing the best primer for your skin type.  

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What Is Primer?

Primer allows you to create seamless makeup looks that have real staying power. Applied after moisturizer and before foundation, a makeup primer turns skin into a clear canvas, allowing for a smooth makeup application that stays put and really pops. 

What Does Primer Do?

So, what exactly is makeup primer used for?

As well as helping your makeup glide on perfectly and stay in place, there are a multitude of benefits it can offer your skin, depending on the type of primer you choose. 

  • Smooths skin  
  • Helps skin to glow 
  • Hydrates skin 
  • Protects skin against environmental aggressors
  • Color-correcting – helps reduce redness and/or dark circles 

Choosing the best makeup primer for you can be an absolute minefield, but don’t worry! We talk you through how to choose the best makeup primer for your skin type and teach you how to apply primer for gorgeous, glowing makeup that looks stunning all day.  

When to Apply Primer

Makeup primer should be applied after skincare and before foundation.

Once your moisturizer has fully absorbed, apply primer to your skin to create the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup.

How to Apply Primer

Seamless makeup that stays put all day and night is just around the corner! Are you ready for ‘how to use primer 101’?

Step 1: Find the Best Makeup Primer for You

Begin by considering your skin type. Primer can combat skin concerns, helping to create the perfect base layer for foundation. 

Oily skin: If your skin type is oily, look for a mattifying makeup primer. This will show shine the door and stop your makeup from sliding off your face (which, as you’ll no doubt know, really isn’t cute!). 

Look out for a gel formulation that helps to keep excess oil at bay for a smooth, mattified base. We recommend the Makeup Revolution Mattify Primer which controls shine, while nourishing dry skin with Vitamin E. 

Dry skin: Dryness is never our friend, especially when it comes to applying the perfect base makeup. The best primer for those with dry skin is a hydrating one. We recommend a formula that’s packed full of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that keep skin looking glowy and dewy. 

Try the Revolution Pro Hydra Bright Primer. Rich in Shea Butter, Glycerin and Vitamin B5, it not only keeps skin soft and supple, but completes all the tasks a good primer should.  

Dull skin: Give your skin the radiance boost it’s been missing! Alongside a brightening skincare routine, our Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Primer contains a light pink iridescent pigment that adds an extra glow to the skin. 

Whether this primer is used under makeup or on its own (yep, it’s that good!), say goodbye to dull, lackluster skin, and hello to an effortless, healthy shimmer. 

Sensitive skin: We put our skin through a lot each day. Makeup primer is also a fantastic way to provide skin with an extra barrier, offering additional protection for even the most sensitive skin.  

Try the Revolution Pro Anti-Pollution Primer. It provides a physical barrier against pollution and aggressors, while leaving skin blurred and smoothed, ready for flawless makeup application. 

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Step 2: Complete Your Skincare Routine

Primer works best when applied to clean skin. Before even thinking about applying primer, ensure that skin is free of oil and dirt, and is well moisturized.

Complete your everyday skincare routine. We’re talking cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. It’s important to remember that although some primers can be hydrating, they don’t replace your everyday staples!

Once your moisturizer has absorbed, it’s time to prime.

Step 3: Apply a Pea-Sized Amount of Makeup Primer in Circular Motions

Any more than a pea-sized amount of makeup primer and this might cause your foundation to look uneven (which is the opposite effect of what you want!). 

Smooth primer into the skin with your fingers. Start with the T-zone and blend outwards, using circular motions to evenly cover the skin.  

Where to Apply Primer

You might be wondering, where do you actually put primer?

Start with the T-zone and blend outwards, using circular motions to evenly cover the skin. Aim for an even coverage so that the rest of your makeup blends in seamlessly.

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Step 4: Apply Foundation and Finish Off Your Makeup Look

Now your skin has been primed, you’re ready for a gorgeous, flawless makeup application. Alternatively, primer can be used on no-makeup days for a fresh, natural look. 

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