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5 Easy Steps for How to Layer Skincare

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With new products hitting the shelves each week, it’s fair to say that the number of skincare options out there can be a little overwhelming. Frantic messages from friends asking ‘do I really need to use toner?’ or ‘wait… does a mask replace my moisturizer?’ accounts for 50% of the texts on our phones.

We all agree: the world of skincare is a confusing place. Luckily for you though, we’ve recited the correct steps to layer skincare to ourselves over and over like it’s the Pledge of Allegiance, and now we’re here to impart our wisdom on to you.

Ready? Welcome to ‘how to layer skincare 101’.


Best Skincare Steps

Follow Revolution Skincare’s step by step skincare routine to make sure you’re using the best products for your skin type, and in the correct order! 

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Step 1 – Cleanse

Lesson one: serums, moisturizers and other treatments won’t work their magic unless they’re applied onto clean skin. That’s why a skincare routine should always start with a good cleanse.

What Does Cleanser Do?

Cleansing removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil to leave skin feeling clean, fresh and ready for the next steps.

The Morning Cleanse

It’s safe to say that your face should still be relatively clean when you wake up, so a single wash to remove dirt transferred from your pillow, excess oil that has accumulated overnight and product residue from your evening routine will create a clean canvas for your next products.

The Evening Cleanse

An evening routine, however, requires double cleansing.

Throughout the day, dirt and pollutants settle onto the skin. Add makeup into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for clogged pores and build up. So, we recommend cleansing twice: the first cleanse breaks down makeup and washes away dirt and excess oil on the surface, while the second removes impurities from deep within your pores.

Best Cleanser For:

  • Dry skin: If you have dry skin, the Revolution Skincare Ceramides Hydrating Cleanser should be your go-to cleanser! The blend of ceramides not only hydrates the skin for up to 24-hours, but skin is left protected and ready for the day ahead.
  • Oily and combination skin: Looking to decongest your skin without drying it out? You can’t beat the Revolution Skincare X Sali Hughes Morning Cleanser! It’s super refreshing, helping to rid the skin of excess oils without stripping any moisture.
  • Blemished and acne-prone skin: For cleansed and mattified skin, look no further than the Blemish Targeting Salicylic Acid Facial Gel Cleanser. Powered by Salicylic Acid, this cleanser helps to exfoliate the skin to help balance oil and reduce the appearance of blemishes and blackheads.
  • Sensitive skin: When it comes to cleansing sensitive skin, it doesn’t get much better than the Good Vibes Goddess Hydration Cannabis Sativa Foaming Face Wash. Its refreshing formula gently removes impurities and makeup without leaving skin feeling dry or tight.
  • Dull skin: Want to reclaim a healthy glow? The Vitamin C Brightening Cream Cleanser is formulated with (you guessed it!) radiance-boosting Vitamin C to help remove makeup and impurities, while brightening the skin.
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How To Choose The Best Face Wash For Your Skin Type

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Step 2 – Tone

Possibly the most overlooked and underappreciated skincare routine step, toning works wonders for the skin.  

What Does Toner Do?  

Not only does it remove the last traces of dirt and impurities from your pores, but it improves tone and restores skin’s healthy pH levels. 

What Is Facial Toner & How Does It Benefit The Skin?


What Is Facial Toner & How Does It Benefit The Skin?

We all know it’s a key step in our skincare routine – but what does toner do exactly?

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Best Toner For:

  • Dry Skin + Sensitive skin: As for dry and sensitive skin, the fragrance-free Hyaluronic Tonic is the ultimate toner to leave skin feeling soothed, conditioned and hydrated.
  • Oily and combination skin: If it’s oiliness you’re concerned about, the Niacinamide Tonic is your new BFF. It helps to regulate the production of sebum and clarify the skin.
  • Blemished and acne-prone skin: Trust us when we say that the 2% BHA Salicylic Acid Toner is what you need to prevent breakouts. By washing away the trapped dirt and sebum in your pores, it decongests the skin and prevents those pesky blemishes.
  • Dull skin: You’ve heard of superfoods in your diet, now get ready for superfoods in skincare! The Revolution Skincare Superfruit Essence Spray is exactly what you need to energize the skin and improve tone.

Step 3 – Serum

You might assume that a moisturizer is the key to healthy skin, but serums are actually the heavy lifters in a skincare routine.  

What Does Serum Do?

Filled with highly concentrated nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants, serums improve the health of skin like nothing else. Plus, their lightweight formulas can penetrate deep into the epidermis, repairing and hydrating from the inside out. 

Best Serum For:

  • Dry skin: Say goodbye to dry skin thanks to the Plumping & Hydrating Serum! Its ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic-acid filled formula draws moisture into the skin, easing and smoothing tight-feeling skin.
  • Oily and combination skin: The 2% Salicylic Acid Targeted Serum is the secret to finally achieving the clear complexion of your dreams. It helps to reduce excess oil, breakouts, enlarged pores, and blackheads
  • Blemished and acne-prone skin: Tackle congestion head on with the Niacinamide Blemish and Pore Refining Serum. By helping to regulate the skin’s natural oil production, it helps prevent further congestion and reduce the appearance of active blemishes.
  • Sensitive skin: Believe us when we say that the Revolution Skincare 1% Bakuchiol Serum is the perfect serum for sensitive skin. The lilac coloring helps to neutralize redness, while the gentle blend of Grape Seed Oil and Bakuchiol protects and moisturizes.
  • Dull skin: Ready for endless compliments? The high intensity 12.5% Vitamin C Radiance Serum helps to fade dark spots, reduce pigmentation, and even out tone to leave you with a healthy and dewy complexion!

Step 4 – Eye Cream

Eye creams tend to be lighter and thinner than moisturizers, so always apply them before slathering on a face cream.

What Does Eye Cream Do?

Eye creams help by caring for the delicate skin around the eyes, working to keep dark circles, fine lines and other signs of aging at bay. 

Oh, and if you think that you’re too young to use an eye cream – think again. When it comes to maintaining healthy-looking skin, prevention is always key. You can start adding an eye cream as one of your skincare routine steps as early as your twenties. Simply identify your skin concern, then use one of our eye creams to remedy it. 

Best Eye Cream For:

  • For dehydrated skin: Go easy-on-the-eyes with the Overnight Squalane Eye Cream. Filled with Evening Primrose, Lavender and Sunflower Seed Oils and Primrose, Lavender and Sunflower Seed Oils, it helps nourish, soften and condition skin, preventing dry, flaky or dull under-eyes.
  • For puffiness: Pep up the eye area with the Revitalising Caffeine Eye Cream. Like a latte for your under-eyes, it works to de-puff and brighten.
  • For dry skin: If the under-eye area feels dry, you need the Revolution Skincare Gold Eye Hydrogel Hydrating Eye Patches With Colloidal Gold! Filled with Glycerin, Allantoin, Algae Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid, these patches help to draw and bind moisture into the skin.
  • For early signs of wrinkles: Don’t let fine lines and wrinkles get you down! The Retinol Eye Cream helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone whilst reducing the puffiness of under eyes.
  • For dark circles: Banish tired under-eyes with the Revolution Skincare Pigment Boost Eye Cream. It uses color-correcting pigments to erase dark circles, while the Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter soften the skin to avoid dryness.
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These Are The Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles

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Step 5 – Moisturize

When it comes to layering skincare, the golden rule is to apply products from the thinnest texture to the thickest. So, moisturizer should always come last.

Regardless of your skin type, applying moisturizer is one of the key skincare routine steps.  

What Does Moisturizer Do?

Not only does moisturizer hydrate skin, but it creates a protective shield over the skin barrier and helps lock in the skin-loving ingredients you’ve just applied. 

Best Moisturizer For:

  • Dry Skin + Sensitive skin: The best fragrance-free option is the Hydration Boost. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to help skin retain moisture.
  • Oily and combination skin: Struggling with oiliness? The Mattify Boost blends Hyaluronic Acid with Niacinamide and Rosemary Extract to deeply hydrate the skin, while regulating sebum production, reducing the appearance of pores and soothing redness. A healthy, matte finish awaits!
  • Blemished and acne-prone skin: If it’s a blemish-fighting moisturizer you’re after, then you need the Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost Moisture Gel with Watermelon. It combines Bakuchiol, Watermelon, Turmeric to help refresh skin, calm blemishes and redness, while nourishing and smoothing.
  • Dull skin: The key to softer, smoother and more radiant skin? The Radiance Moisturiser – it’s in the name, after all! It combines Vitamin C with brightening Niacinamide, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing Shea Butter to give skin a radiant glow.

Weekly Treatments

Sometimes skin needs an extra helping hand to look its best. So, once a week, switch up your regular regimen and add in 2 extra skin care routine steps. 

1. Exfoliation

When it comes to healthy skin, exfoliation is your secret weapon. This weekly treatment helps to unclog pores, increase the production of collagen and optimize cell turnover. Hello clear, plump and radiant-looking skin! 

how to exfoliate

To exfoliate, you can either use a peel or a face scrub. Both work to slough away dead cells on the skin’s surface. However, while a peel is a chemical exfoliator where the ingredients dissolve the debris, an exfoliator is a physical scrub that needs to be massaged into the skin to have the same effect. 

Whether you use a scrub or a peel is largely down to personal preference, but here’s what we’d recommend for each skin type. 

Expert tip: Always apply an SPF over your moisturizer if using a peel. 

A Guide To Peeling Solutions


A Guide To Peeling Solutions

Here’s our no-nonsense guide to choosing the right acid peel for your skin type.

2021-01-19 06:55:13By Revolution Beauty

The Best Exfoliator for Your Skin Type

  • Dry/Sensitive Skin + Combination Skin: To even skin tone and reduce dry patches, there’s no better solution than the Revolution Skincare Pineapple Enzyme Glow Gommage Peel. Its super gentle on the skin, but works hard to slough away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion.
  • Oily Skin: Fight oily skin with the Revolution Skincare Multi Acid Peeling Solution. Infused with an AHA and BHA blend, it promotes exfoliation and penetrates deep into your pores to break up trapped dirt and sebum.
  • Acne and blemish-prone skin: Never struggle with breakouts again thanks to the Overnight Acne Lotion. It’s formulated with Zinc Oxide and Niacinamide to calm, soothe and prevent further congestion.
  • Dull Skin: Transform your skin from dull to radiant with the Vitamin C Brightening Polisher! Filled with ultra-fine Bamboo particles, it gently buffs away dull-looking skin to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.

2. Face mask

Face masks run complementary to your typical skincare routine steps, giving skin an extra dose of the active ingredients needed to cleanse, pamper, energize and hydrate.

revolution face masks

We offer a range of 4 targeted face masks to remedy a variety of skin concerns. Each one should be applied onto clean, dry skin after toning for 10 to 15 minutes, before being rinsed away. Then, apply serum, eye cream and moisturizer to finish off the routine.

  • To detoxify: Say goodbye to congested pores with the Pink Clay Detoxifying Face Mask. It draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to encourage a healthier-looking complexion.
  • To moisturize: When it comes to keeping skin moisturized, you can’t beat the Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Hydrating Face Mask. The blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E helps to moisturize and promotes soft skin.
  • To purify: Need a little extra help keeping your pores clear? The Charcoal Purifying Face Mask helps to draw out oil and dirt, leaving skin feeling purified.

Expert Tip: Mix and match the above face masks to address the skin concern relevant to each area of your face (think: one for your oily forehead, another for your dry cheeks) to create a custom face mask experience.

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Revolution's Best Skincare Face Masks

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Now you know how to layer skincare, simply follow the above skincare routine steps and you’ll have a healthier-looking complexion in no time!

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