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How To Create Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

In an age of glass skin and clean beauty, where strip lashes have been cast aside for fluttery individual lashes and gleaming highlight has been swapped out for a natural glow, it’s time to embrace that subtle is the new snatched.

Let’s be honest: as stunning as they are, neon cut creases and striking graphic liners are not exactly the most wearable everyday eye looks. And sometimes a bold eye is simply too much hassle. If these issues sound familiar to you, a soft glittery eye look may be the answer to all your worries.

So, whether you’re trying to master the basics of eyeshadow application or liven up your everyday look with a dash of something sparkly, we’ve put together some expert tips that will help you to achieve an iconic soft glitter eyeshadow look. Who said low-key has to be boring?

What Exactly Is A Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Look?

When it comes to a soft glitter eyeshadow look, it’s all about less is more. All you need is a soft matte color and a cheeky splash of glitter, usually in a tone that compliments the base eyeshadow. It’s that simple! And let’s not forget that this soft glitter eyeshadow look is perfect for any occasion!

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The Best Products To Achieve a Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Look!

For us here at Revolution Beauty, our four Ultimate Lights Shadow Palettes are the go-to destination for the perfect soft glitter eyeshadow look. Each nine-pan palette expertly marries subtle nude and jewel tones with soft-impact shimmers, so you can create your own subtle glitter eyeshadow looks with ease.

How to Achieve a Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Look

Step One: Prime!

For all of those primer-sceptics out there, hear us out! An eyeshadow primer is a crucial step for any glitter look, even a soft and subtle one. Glitter has the tendency to travel, and using a primer ensures that it’s locked in place. We recommend using our Lock It Grip Eyeshadow Primer for this step – it’s formulated with a luxurious blend of cherry blossom and Vitamin B. It’ll leave your skin looking good and feeling great!

We also prefer using our fingertips over a brush for primer, as the natural heat from your skin will help the product absorb onto your eyelid seamlessly. Be extra careful with the delicate skin around your eye, we don’t want any premature wrinkles here.

Expert Tip! If you have a couple of minutes to spare, just wait for the primer to become tacky on your lid. As tempting as all that glitter is, a little patience here is key.

Step Two: Base Layer

Okay, it’s time to take the eyeshadow plunge! For the most subtle of subtle glitter eyeshadow looks, we would go for a classic matte nude shade – a soft cool brown flatters blue eyes and an amber bronze tone is perfect for brown eyes.

The Revolution Beauty Ultimate Desire Shadow Palette in the shade ‘Into the Bronze’ is perfect for crafting the softest of base layers. But, if you’re looking for something with a little more edge, the ‘Jewel Fixation’ palette is equipped with some stunning violet and peach shades. Whichever palette you choose, we recommend using our Brush Queen Pigment Blending Brush to help pack that color on in no time.

Expert Tip! To avoid any excess product drifting onto your face, tap any extra powder off the brush beforehand.

Step Three: Blend!

Grab your blending brush! Wait, what’s a blending brush? Anything with densely packed bristles arranged in a soft arch or circle will do perfectly here but our Brush Queen Fluffy Blending Brush will let you blend that eyeshadow out like a dream. We don’t want any patchiness or uneven blending here, please.

So, to blend the eyeshadow, aim to fade out the harsh line of product under your brow bone, following an arch shape. But don’t go too far past your outer lashes, this isn’t a smokey eye tutorial, after all. This can take some time, but you should end up with a lovely wash of color that is softly diffused across your lid.

Expert Tip! To make sure that there is no risk of any muddiness or mixing of colors, ensure that your blending brush is clean. Now, this sounds fairly simple but you have no idea how many people let that product build up in those bristles for weeks and weeks. If you’re in the guilty party, our Revolution Beauty Solid Brush Cleaner will sort those brushes out in no time!

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Step Four: Grab Your Glitter!

The part we’ve all been waiting for! Add the finishing touch to your soft glitter eyeshadow look with a complementary glitter eyeshadow.

A bit of precision is needed for this step. We swear by the Flat Crease Eye Brush, but don’t try to pack too much glitter on at once. Gradual build-up of product onto the base shade will make your eyeshadow look effortless and sublime.

Expert Tip! For a little something extra, dust some of your base color onto your lower eyelashes. This will add a professional touch to your look.

Now simply add a swipe of mascara and you’re ready to take on the day with your soft glitter eyeshadow look!


We would love to see what you create! Tag us in any pics of your snatched soft glitter eyeshadow looks on Instagram!

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