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When it comes to creating the dewy skin look, the secret is creating that ‘I woke up like this’ no-makeup, makeup look. Giving yourself a spa-like experience and combining our skincare and makeup ranges to nourish, hydrate and plump the skin to leave your skin glowing from within.

Ready to achieve the glowiest, dewy skin? Keep reading to discover our ultimate tips and tricks!

What is Dewy Skin?

If you’re not as obsessed with TikTok beauty as we are, you may be wondering what dewy skin actually means?

Well, ‘dewy skin’ is the term to describe skin that looks fresh, hydrated, and super smooth.

Glowy, but not oily.

Luminous, but not shiny.

Make sense?

The Ultimate Dewy Skin Routine

Dewy skin is not something that can be achieved overnight, but with our top tips and tricks, it’s just around the corner!

Check out this failsafe routine and discover some of the best products that you simply need to master the dewy skin look.


Tip 1 – All About the Base: Skincare is Key!

To get the look it’s all in the prep.

Kick starting with a good old exfoliation is a must! Get scrubbing with our Revolution Skincare Pineapple Enzyme Glow Gommage Peel, inspired by K-beauty, to remove all old makeup, dirt, and dullness that comes as part and parcel of everyday wear and tear.

This can not only increase blood circulation and skin plumpness, but also helps to achieve a smooth, ‘blank canvas’ to build upon.

Enriched with Pineapple Extract (a blend of sugars, enzymes, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids), this exfoliant is designed to help brighten the skin, helping you to achieve that desired dewy complexion.

It’s no secret that all skin types require their own TLC.

Dry skin needs plenty of hydration, so a good drink of our Revolution Skincare Ceramides Moisture Lotion helps to moisturize, increase elasticity in the skin and provide a natural glow.

For enlarged pores and blemish-prone skin, the key is our Skincare 20% Niacinamide Blemish and Pore Refining Serum which not only promotes healing for unwanted blemishes, but also helps smooth over any texture for a flawless, glossy base.

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Tip 2 – Opt for Liquids and Creams Over Powders

As we move to makeup, with this look it’s all about the creams.

Choosing the Superdewy Liquid Bronzers rather than powder helps to build that natural appearance where the products blend seamlessly, creating a smooth, subtle contour.

For the oily skin girls, simply dust the Revolution Beauty Revolution Mini Baking Powder Translucent over the t-zone to help tame those oils so you can maintain a flawless finish throughout the day.

For dry skin, skip the powder. Our cream products can settle into the skin leaving a dewy, hydrated look without being sticky to the touch.

Tip 3 – Eyes to Mesmerize

To further enhance this look, warm bronzy shades in the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Shadow Palette – Smores, are a go-to for a sunkissed radiance. These shades look best on cool-toned eyes.

If you wish for something a bit different to suit your warmer eyes, a great option is the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Allure Shadow Palette which offers shimmery silvers, pinks and purples, a hit to amplify your natural features.

To bring this look from day to night, intensifying the shades on the eye is a great way to enhance your look without ruining your natural glow on the skin.

Tip 4 – ‘You’re Making Me Blush!’ – Liquid Blushes are Essential

A particular fave is the Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blushes which offer a natural-looking, flush of color for your cheeks.

These are super quick and easy to apply and can easily pop in your bag on the go. A rosy, sunkissed glow is the ultimate secret to a dewy, radiant appearance.

Tip 5 – Get Your Goddess Glow

Our liquid highlighters also champion that natural-looking, dewy glow, without giving you a ‘tin man style’, glittery cheek look.

Apply Superdewy Liquid Highlighter with your finger, using small amounts and build up gradually on the high points of your cheeks.

Tip 6 – Set the Look

Once you’re happy with your base, be sure to set it in place with the Superdewy Misting Spray.

Not only does this help boost the dewy makeup look’s longevity, but it also provides a spritz of hydration, so perfect for on the go!

Tip 7 – Finish the Look with a Glossy Lip

A glossy lip is the perfect way to seal the deal on this makeup look and is crucial to keep your lips glowing and glossy all day.

At Revolution, we have a range of glosses in our Shimmer Bomb range, available in an array of colors to suit your vibe.

The Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Glosses further elevate the dewy look, giving your lips an extra healthy, hydrated appearance.

Combining this with your favorite Satin Kiss Lip Liner is also recommended for a long-lasting lip tint.


And voila! You have successfully completed dewy makeup 101 and will be looking like a glowing goddess forever more – you can thank us later.

Be sure to tag us in all your pics on socials: @makeuprevolution!

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