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Eyebrow Pomade

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Strengthen your brow game with an eyebrow pomade. Create new brow hairs with this completely smudge proof concentrated brow cream. Our Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade helps create long-lasting, flawless brows. 

We have a range of gorgeous shades available including Auburn, Ebony & Taupe. So if you’re looking for a strong, sharp brow, our eyebrow pomade is for you!

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What is eyebrow pomade?

Brow pomade can be described as a cream-based solution that is formulated to thicken, shape and fill in brows to provide a more natural look.

Is Revolution Eyebrow Pomade Waterproof?

Yes, we offer some waterproof and budgeproof brow pomades including Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade.