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How to Use Brow Gel (And Why You Need It)

how to use brow gel

What’s the difference between good brows and great brows? The perfect brow gel, of course!

Nobody has time to spend 5 minutes on their brows each morning only for them to shift by lunch. Whether you want to lock your natural brows in place or need some help to create a fuller, more defined arch, a brow gel should be your new makeup bag staple.

At Revolution Beauty, we’re here to share our guide on how to use brow gel and explain how to choose the right formula. Get ready to raise some brows!

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What Is Brow Gel?

We’re here to fill you in.

Brow gel is basically like a mini mascara for your brows. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your brows. Its precise brush and applicator support foolproof, and mess-free use.

What Does Brow Gel Do?

Brow gel is the perfect makeup tool to comb, shape, and lock your eyebrows in place. Not only does it help secure your look and tame unruly hairs, but tinted brow gels can also help to add color and thickness to sparse patches. It’s the easiest way to achieve effortless brow shape and definition with minimal effort.

How to Use Brow Gel

Brow gel can be used on both natural and filled in brows. First, make sure you have groomed and tidied up your brows.

  • For fuller, more defined brows: Begin with your favorite brow pencil, pomade, or brow kit to give your brows ultimate definition and fullness. Follow with a clear or tinted brow gel. Brush the product through your brow, ensuring the application is uniform from start to tail.
  • For natural, fluffy brows: Use the brow gel to groom your brow hair upwards and outwards, working from root to tip to create a natural look.

Expert Tip: You can also apply a tinted brow gel using a thin, angled brush to help you fill in your brows!

Clear vs. Tinted Brow Gel- Which is Better?

At Revolution, we’re fans of both clear and tinted brow gels- it’s all down to personal preference!

If you’re already blessed in the brow department and looking to lock them in position, then a clear brow gel is best suited to the job. Like a hairspray for your brows, it’ll keep them in place without changing the color of your brows.

However, if your brows need a helping hand filling in sparse patches or you don’t have time to fill them in, try a tinted brow gel. With just one coat you’ll have instantly thicker, fuller, and more defined brows!

Best Clear Brow Gel

If you’re on the hunt for a setting gel that actually keeps brows in place all day, look no further than the Revolution Brow Fixer. This trusty eyebrow gel is our go-to for tamed and framed brows. Its smooth and nourishing formula holds eyebrows in place and creates the perfect arch, allowing you to tame any brow from bushy to fine.

This clear formula can be used as the final step in your brow routine to keep your brows in place, or used alone for that “no makeup, makeup look”.

Best Tinted Brow Gel

Get your brows on fleek with the Revolution High Brow Gel With Cannabis Sativa. This colored formula comes in 3 shades- ash brown, medium brown, and dark brown- to suit different hair colors.

This brow gel helps shape and define your arches, leaving your brows looking fluffy and full of life. Infused with cannabis sativa seed oil, it also helps to nourish and protect your brow hairs.

Best Brow Gel for Fluffy Brows

Achieve fluffy and feathered brows that remain budge-proof all day with the Revolution Extra Hold Brow Glue. This brow gel gives you an at-home brow lift and keeps those stubborn brow hairs locked in place throughout the day.

Simply glide the wand in an upward motion to create fluffy-looking brows. For some serious sculpt and staying power, apply a second coat.

Don’t forget to share your fabulous full, fluffy brows with us over on Insta: @makeuprevolution!

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