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3 Simple Easter Makeup Looks

Easter Makeup Look

PSA: Winter is over and it’s time to come out of hibernation! And what better way than to celebrate than to experiment with some cute Easter makeup looks! Listen, we know Easter isn’t the season that’s best known for trying new makeup looks but, we say why not!

Here are 5 of our favorite Easter makeup looks which will turn-heads at the Eeaster egg hunt!

#1 Pastel Paradise: Pastel Easter Makeup Look

If you were looking for a pastel Easter makeup look then look no further. Pastels are an amazing way to experiment with color without making too much of a statement, and we are OBSESSED with the pastel rainbow trend.

Step 1: Prep and Prime

Before starting this makeup look, make sure you never skip out on eye primer, especially when doing a multi-colored makeup look. Applying our Lock It Grip Eyeshadow Primer will keep your eye makeup in place all day and allow you to blend colors together without creating a muddy mess.

To set your primer, opt for our Relove Brush Queen Flat Crease Eye Brush to press a loose setting powder all over the lid.

Step 2: Add Your Pastels

Reach for the Creator Hydra Pigment Palette Pastel Dream and start to apply your pastel shades using the Relove Brush Queen Pigment Blending Brush. Start with the yellow shade on the inner corner and slowly move across the lid applying the green, blue, lilac, and pink

PSA: Remember to take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Step 3: Blend, Blend, Blend

Now you have placed all the pastels on the lid, blend, blend, blend. This will help to slowly diffuse and melt each color into one another, leaving you with a seamless rainbow effect, gorgeous!

Using a clean blending brush, blend through the crease to eliminate any harsh lines and create a blown-out effect.

Step 5 : Show Your Lower Lash Line Some Love

This next step is optional, but if you want to amp up your pastel Easter makeup look, replicate your rainbow on the lower lash line to amplify the drama. Dip the end of your flat crease brush into each colour and apply in a thin line under the eye to achieve the cleanest results.

Expert Tip: Complete your eyeshadow look before applying face makeup. This means you can take a makeup wipe and remove any excess eyeshadow fallout to perfect and refine.

#2 Spring Glow: Natural Easter Makeup Look

If a natural Easter makeup look is more your style, we have the perfect one for you. Just as Spring is all about new beginnings, this makeup look will get your skin looking brand new in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Hydrate the Skin

To achieve a dewy finish, it’s always important to hydrate the skin with skincare before makeup. Reinvigorating, plumping, and brightening the skin will create that fresh, spring glow you’re looking for.

Apply a nice, thick layer of our Revolution Pro Miracle Serum followed by our Revolution Pro Miracle Cream to nourish and renew the skin. Infused with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, our miracle collection instantly boosts radiance for a healthy appearance.

Step 2: Apply Your Base (and keep it light!)

To add a light coverage, we love to use either our Relove Super Serum Foundation. Coming in 15 shades, you are sure to find the right shade for you! Adding light and buildable coverage to your skin, enhancing your natural complexion – simply ‘your skin but better’!

Our Revolution Beauty IRL Filter Finish Concealer is the perfect way to give a more heavy-duty coverage for those wanting to cover up dark circles or spot conceal any blemishes.

Step 3: Bronze Up

Build on that gorgeous, dewy base with our Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Cream Contour & Bronze, to sculpt the perimeters of the face. Warming up your look complimenting your radiant glow. I mean, who said we can’t be sun kissed in Spring?

Step 4: Make Them Blush

A beautiful blush can also be applied to the apples of the cheeks and the upper cheek bone to create a classic rosy look. Our Revolution Pro Hydra Bright Cream Blush is the perfect addition to any Easter makeup.

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Step 5: Blinded by Your Glow

Complete your dewy makeup look with the final addition of our Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Cream Highlighter on the heights of your cheekbones. The soft cushion pad applicator promotes flawless, easy application.

Expert Tip: Apply a pea sized amount on our ring finger and dap until blended. The warmth of your finger warms the product up to melt into the skin with ease.

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Step 4: Lip Gloss Is Always a Good Idea

Once your face makeup is complete, laquear your lips with a gloss. Adding a gloss is the best way to volumize your lips and finesse your glow.

Our Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Gloss nourishes and plumps the lips for the perfect pout. Depending on your vibe, opt for a clear gloss for a super natural Easter makeup look, or a tinted gloss for a playful Spring look.

Step 5: All Eye’s on you

Add a lick of your favorite mascara and a touch of our Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten Eye Shadow in your inner corners for a bit of sparkle. Operation natural Easter makeup look complete!

#3 Just Peachy: Cute Easter Makeup Look

Peach is officially the color of the season. It’s warm, brightening hues will help you achieve a fresh, Spring aesthetic that looks incredible on all complexions.

Step 1: Ready, Set, Glow

Start with a primer to prep your skin for foundation, we love our IRL Pore Blur Filter Primer to give you a flawless base to build on.

The Relove Super Serum Foundation will be your go-to when it comes to achieving the ultimate natural radiance.

Expert Tip: If you want a little extra coverage for any blemishes or dark spots, add a few dashes of our Revolution Beauty IRL Filter Finish Concealer in any of your concern areas. Find most accurate shade to match your skin tone, and no one will know you didn’t wake up like this!

Set your face makeup with your favorite powder, we can’t resist our Revolution IRL Soft Focus 2 in 1 powder Translucent Powder, to set your makeup without dulling the skin.

PSA: If you love to use cream or liquid contour product, reach for the powder at a later stage in your routine.

Step 2: Warm Up the Skin

Be sure to bronze up using Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Cream Contour & Bronze to warm the skin. Mimicking the shape of a ‘3’ on each side of the face, apply dots of the product and blend out using a stippling brush.

Expert Tip: For oily skin, set this product with a bronzing powder.

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Step 3: Just peachy!

Now to add your first pop of peach. With our Revolution Blush Bomb Cream Blusher Peach Filter, paint a series of dots from the apple of the cheek moving back to your ear, and blend using our stippling brush to create a natural, flushed look.

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Step 4: Now for the eyes!

Dip our Relove Brush Queen Pigment Blending Brush into Revolution XX XXcess Blush Powder in shade ‘Jitter’ and apply evenly all over the lid. We love to use blush as eyeshadow, especially for a themed look. Not only can you save money, but you also get a perfect color match!

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PSA: If you want to add a little glam to an evening out, or even if you’re just feeling it, add a touch of shimmer to the inner corners. Shade ‘Wife’ from the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Regal Romance Shadow Palette is the perfect way to finish your eye look.

Step 6: Peachy Kiss

To complete your peachy glam simply line your lips with our Makeup Revolution Satin Kiss Lip Liner in shade ‘Icon,’ before adding Makeup Revolution Satin Kiss Lipstick in shade ‘Cutie’ over the top. Match made in heaven!

If you love a gloss, glide the Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Gloss in shade ‘Glaze’ over the tip for boosted shine.


Happy Easter from everyone at Revsays! We hope you slay our simple Easter makeup looks this year. Share your snaps with us as @MakeupRevolution.

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