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How To Practice A Mindful Skincare Routine

mindful beauty

As you may have seen on socials, this January we have launched our annual #MakeupForMentalHealth campaign. All month, we are using our platform to spotlight mental health charities, resources, feel-good content, self-love and expert tips and advice.

So with the world still feeling very ‘2020’, we’ve put together some of our favorite mindful skincare tips to help you unwind from those stressful days. Keep reading to learn more about ‘mindful beauty’ and how you can practice it at home with Revolution.

mindful beauty

What is Mindful Beauty?

‘Mindfulness’ is all about slowing the mind down to become fully present and aware of our thoughts and the world around us. Great for a wandering mind, it’s a key player in self-care and has recently emerged into the beauty world via ‘mindful beauty’. In fact, the hashtag #mindfulbeauty has been used over 48,000 times on Instagram with people sharing their favorite mindful skincare techniques.

These typically combine ‘slow beauty’ routines with mindful gestures such as breathing, self-awareness and meditation. After all, your skincare routine is the perfect opportunity to build the habit of mindfulness into your daily life.

These are our favorite mindful beauty techniques to help change your mood and mindset…

5 Mindful Beauty Techniques

1. Cleanse Away the Day

Your evening cleanse is the perfect time to take a moment to yourself and literally take the day away, both mentally and physically.

Really take the time to massage your favorite cleanser into the skin (we love the Revolution Skincare Cleansing Jelly), using your fingers and knuckles to slowly massage the skin in upwards motions (great for lymphatic drainage). Take this time to focus on how your day went, focusing on the positives.

2. Take a Soul-Soothing Bath

We all know that self-care goes beyond a bubble bath and good book, but never underestimate the power of a good soul-soothing bath. Add your favorite bath fizzer and light a candle. Whilst you’re in the bath, take 5 deep, slow breaths; breathing in positive thoughts, and breathing out any negative ones.

3. Clean Body, Clean Mind

If your mind is wandering and you’re struggling to focus, reach for your favorite body scrub. Spend 5-10 minutes doing a full-body exfoliation. This is one of my favorite mindful skincare techniques as it feels really grounding and helps to bring you back into the moment.

The Revolution Body Skincare Vitamin C Glow Body Scrub is my all-time favorite body scrub. It’s formulated with Rice and Apricot Kernel Powders to help buff skin and remove dead skin and Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone. Plus, it’s lightly fragranced with uplifting grapefruit and mandarin. Finish with a body cream to nourish and comfort your skin.

4. Masking Meditation

Find a comfy spot, apply your favorite face mask and just *chill* for 10-15 minutes. Take this time to really pay attention to your thoughts. The Revolution Skincare x Jake Jamie Watermelon Face Mask is my go-to; the watermelon scent is super uplifting and reminds me of summer. Love!

5. Slow it Down

When it comes to applying your serums and moisturizers, instead of rushing through the process, slow down and allow your skincare routine to become something you look forward to, rather than something that needs to be done in a rush before you go to bed.

I love using my Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Gua Sha to help invigorate the skin and allow serums and oils to be fully absorbed (it also helps to relieve any tension around my head and jaw which I love).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this routine and you’re left feeling totally zen. Let us know your favorite ways to practice mindful beauty over on @makeuprevolution – we’d love to hear them!


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