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10 Of The Best White Eyeliner Looks

how to use white eyeliner

Now that you’ve mastered eyeliner to suit your eye shape, it’s time to delve into the world of white eyeliner!

From Bella Hadid to Jodie Comer, various stars have showcased just how creative you can get with this underrated makeup bag staple.

At Revolution Beauty, we’re here to inspire you to try out this eyeliner trend with eight of the best white eyeliner looks!

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What’s the Best White Eyeliner to Use?

Ensure you’re equipped with both a white liquid eyeliner and a white kohl eyeliner pencil.

The liquid white eyeliner is perfect for creating those sharp, crisp flicks, while a kohl eyeliner is great for mapping out your design and coating your waterline!

The Top 10 Best White Eyeliner Looks:

Ready to learn how to wear white eyeliner?

Whether you rock the classic winged liner or you’re ready to get abstract, discover how to use white eyeliner for whatever occasion!

1. Black and White Winged Eyeliner

We love the combination of black and white eyeliner! The classic black wing topped with a fox-eye white eyeliner effect creates drama and is sure to make your eyes pop.

Check out our guide on how to master winged eyeliner for your initial flick. Then, take your preferred white eyeliner and follow the same flick over the top of the black, bringing your white wing down to the inner corner of the eye.

Create a super sharp inner flick using the tip of your white liquid eyeliner applicator, or a thin defining brush, such as the Makeup Revolution Create Define & Fill Brow Brush.

2. Wing and Crease Eyeliner Combo

It’s time to give that classic winged eyeliner an element of edge with this combination of top lash and crease definition. The pairing of these two dainty lines is a great way to dip your toes into the world of graphic eyeliner!

Start by creating a fine wing across your top lash line, creating a flick that ends in line with the end of your eyebrow.

Next, close your eye and draw a fine line of white eyeliner just above the crease of your eyelid (make sure you go slightly above so the line is visible when you open your eyes).

It can be tricky to master the symmetry first time, but practice makes perfect!

3. Graphic Flick Eyeliner

If you’re looking for a white eyeliner look that sculpts the eye with added wow-factor, check this one out!

Alongside a black fox-eye look, this white eyeliner design uses lid space that would often be used by shadow, letting the liner do all the talking. Teamed with soft pops of white shadow in the inner corners and brow bone, the look serves contrasting textures and lots of drama!

To achieve this striking white eyeliner look, start with your shadow to highlight the inner corner and brow bone.

Create a standard wing with your everyday black eyeliner, drawing down to the inner corners to create the popular fox-eye effect.

Then, using white liquid eyeliner, draw a second upward flick, starting from ¾ of the way along your black wing, and finishing a few millimetres above the first flick. Continue the flick inwards, following the natural crease of your eyelid. You should be left with a white arrow shape, pointing outwards. Finish by adding some weight to the point by adding extra white eyeliner.

4. Dainty Winged White Eyeliner

This white eyeliner look is super wearable – a great option for complete newbies!

A super thin winged white liner is a great way to rock the classic flick while trialling this trend. Compared to black liner, the white eyeliner adds a softness, creating an elegant eye look that’s perfect for summertime!

Start by completing your natural makeup look (check out our tutorial below!).

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Continue the look by lining your top lash line with the white liquid eyeliner, keeping as close to your lashes as possible.

Then, open your eye and start to draw the wing. The angle of the flick should follow an extension of your bottom lash line, then connect to the lid line.

Check out our complete winged eyeliner guide below:

How To Do Winged Eyeliner Perfectly

How to

How To Do Winged Eyeliner Perfectly

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5. Cosmic Girl White Eyeliner

This white eyeliner look is perfect for a night on the dance floor! It combines a striking wing, browbone liner and dazzling star detailing, letting those eyes do all the talking!

Firstly, start by creating a classic wing, bringing the flick out slightly further than you usually would for added drama.

From the tip of the wing, draw a line inwards just under your brow bone, and finish in line with the inner corner of your eye.

Add star detailing by creating small diamond shapes that sit within each line.

Why not take this cosmic white eyeliner look to the next level and get party ready by adding some glitter?

6. Corner Accented White Eyeliner

Taking the standard winged liner up a level, this look frames the outer corners, creating a simple yet striking white graphic eyeliner look. Not only is it super wearable, but it’s also incredibly easy to achieve!

Either sketch the shape of this look with your trusty white eyeliner kohl pencil, or, if you’re feeling brave, go straight in with your white liquid liner.

Add a classic wing to your top lash line before bringing the line inwards a few millimetres along your lid crease.

7. Abstract White Liner

If you’re ready to take your white graphic eyeliner to the max, this is the look for you! This abstract look nods to the flames trend made popular in the 90s, especially when teamed with bold orange brows!

For this white eyeliner look, we recommend going with the flow and taking a freehand approach!

Start in the inner corner of your top lid, just below your brow bone. Bring the line outwards in a wave shape, and zig-zag your liner downwards to frame the outer corner of the eye (imagine you’re drawing a fiery flame rotated 90 degrees!).

Once you touch the outer corner of your eye, create a final outwards flick before flowing the line inwards, down underneath the eye.

Add a separate abstract line detail a few millimetres below the inner corners of your eyes.

Finally, take your kohl white eyeliner and coat your bottom waterline.

Expert Tip: If you want to learn how to use white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger, this is an effective method!

Finish the look with a small, foxy flick in the inner corner of your eye.

8. White Eyeliner with a Color Pop!

This white eyeliner look is designed for those who love a pop of color! We’re obsessed with the versatility of this look – it can be created with any shade you like! The white eyeliner helps provide an additional pop.

Start by applying your colored shadow shade of choice. For the pigment to make its greatest impact, why not begin with an eye primer? We recommend the Revolution XX FiXX Eye Primer in the shade Basic or Translucent, depending on your preference.

Use a combination of the Relove Brush Queen Detailed Eye Brush and the Relove Brush Queen Flat Crease Eye Brush to create a defined flick shape with sharp lines.

Then, using your white eyeliner, trace the outer edges of your shadow to define the shape and add real impact to this eye look!

Looking for a new maximalist eye shadow palette for your collection? Shop our faves below!

9. Festival White Eyeliner

Heading to a festival this summer? Check out this gorgeous white eyeliner look, embellished with mini star freckles for an effect that’s out of this world!

This fox-eye wing combined with a top lid line is a beautiful way to elongate the eye, creating a super elegant, graphic white liner look.

Create a large wing using the precision applicator of your white liquid liner, bringing it down to the inner corner of the eye.

Then, bring the line up and over the upper lid, just below the brow bone.

Finally, embellish how you wish! We love these mini star freckles, but you could add glitter, gemstones, or face stickers… get creative! You can check out our full festival makeup kit list below:

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10. Defined Crease Winged White Eyeliner

white eyeliner look

Rache @ Revolution Beauty

Finally, a look created by our very own Rache using a classic white eyeliner kohl pencil.

An eyeliner pencil is a great way to practice your look if you’re not feeling as confident to go straight in with liquid liner!

Start by coating the bottom lash line to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Extend this line up into a flick before bringing the line back inwards, following the natural contour of your eyelid crease. Rock the look as a standalone statement, or to frame a smoky shadow number.

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