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How To Do Winged Eyeliner Perfectly

how to do winged eyeliner

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner can feel a little daunting. When you’ve spent your time creating a flawless makeup look with liner and lashes left to go, the pressure is on to get your wings perfect first time – but don’t worry! Revolution have got your back with our guide on how to do winged eyeliner that’s truly perfect every time.

Ready to get started? Welcome to ‘winged eyeliner 101’

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The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Toolkit

First things first, select your eyeliner of choice. Whether you’re going for a classic black winged eyeliner, or something a little more colorful, we recommend using a pen liner to achieve the sharpest precision.

Here are a few of our favorite pen, liquid eyeliners:

If you’re worried about not having a steady hand, we recommend using cosmetic tape as a guide, alongside some Q-tips and makeup remover or concealer to tidy up any mistakes.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Beginners

Ready to master the flick? Here’s our step by step guide to applying the perfect winged eyeliner.

Step 1 – Prep the Eyes

Whether you’re going for a full-glam eye look or something a little more natural, we recommend starting your winged eyeliner with a quality eye primer. This helps your winged eyeliner to stay in place and makes those shadow shades pop.

We recommend the Translucent Revolution XX FiXX Eye Primer as it’s super versatile and offers fantastic staying power.

How to use: Simply swipe the applicator over your eyelids, distributing product evenly. Blend out excess product over the lid with your fingertip.

Step 2 – Apply Cosmetic Tape (if You Need to!)

No shame either way, but if you weren’t blessed with the steadiest of hands, cosmetic tape can be a lifesaver when it comes to achieving the perfect winged eyeliner. It’s a great way to get that sharp, crisp line every time.

How to use: Take an inch-sized piece of tape and place it along your bottom lashes to create an extension of your bottom lash line.

Step 3 – Line the Top of Your Lashes

Start your winged eyeliner by applying a thin line over along your top lash line, keeping as close to your lashes as possible.

We recommend starting at the inner corner and drawing the liner outwards to meet the outer.

Step 4 – Create Your Flick

Now comes the scary part! Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be put off if you don’t master the winged eyeliner look first time around!

Whether you’re using tape or going freehand, your flick should be angled as if it’s extending from your bottom lash line.

Follow that invisible line with your eyeliner, outlining the bottom of your wing. Then, connect your flick tip to the top lash liner to complete the wing.

Expert tip: Made a mistake? Don’t worry! You can fix any mishaps with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover or concealer.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner look when you have hooded eyes can seem impossible. Follow these tips teaching you how to do winged eyeliner on hooded eyes! 

  • Create visible liner by drawing a small rectangle at the edge of your eye – Sounds odd, but trust us. When your eyes are open, this will help create the illusion of a sweeping wing that isn’t covered by your hooded lid.
  • Extend the edges into a flick – Complete the flick by extending and connecting the top and bottom corners of the rectangle to create a tip.
  • Practice! – The idea behind the little rectangle is to give the illusion of a full curve when your eyes are open. It’ll take practice to get your technique down to a T, but the results will be worth it!

How to Do Double Winged Eyeliner

Ready to take your winged eyeliner up a level?! Here’s our tops tips for creating the hottest alternative eye look – double winged eyeliner. 

  • Choose your eyeliner shade – We think double winged eyeliner looks most impactful with a bold, bright shade. Here are some of our faves:
  • Apply a standard single wing – The double winged eyeliner look starts with a flawless flick. Follow the steps above to get yours looking sharp!
  • Get creative! – There are no rules to say what your double winged eyeliner should look like. From lining your crease to creating abstract accents, don’t hold back on creating some truly inspiring double winged eyeliner looks!

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