The Wonder Eye And Brow Products Everyone Needs

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There are 3 eye makeup products that are my absolute ride or die. Lashings of mascara, well-groomed brows and a lick of kohl eyeliner. Call me basic but they create the base of every single makeup look I do. So when I heard that we were launching a whole plethora of new eye makeup products… well I quite literally lit up. Let me show you my top picks…

The Eye Makeup Everyone Needs

1. The Mascara for Long Lashes

We launched not 1, not 2 **cut to the chase Sophie** but FIVE new mascaras!

From curling to lengthening to volumizing, no matter your lash need, there’s now a mascara for you. I’m all about a volumizing formula that doesn’t transfer. OILY EYELID STRUGGLES ARE REAL PEOPLE. I’m a Mascara Revolution girl through & through, but since this epic launch, I’ve found my new winning combination. Brush through a few coats of Big Lash Mascara to really separate and lengthen the lashes, wait a couple of minutes until dry and load them up with The Mascara Revolution. You’ll be all of a flutter.

2. The Brow Kit for Fluffy Brown

Despite getting very pluck-happy as a teenager, I’m incredibly lucky that my brows made a full recovery. I now have very full brows. Therefore, they only need a slight fill in on a rogue gap on my right eyebrow before fixing them in place. I add a tiny bit of powder from the Revolution Brow Kit, before brushing through clear brow gel. From brow to WOW in seconds.

3. The Colored Kohl Eye Liner

For someone who’s worked in the beauty industry for nearly 8 years, I just haven’t been able to get on board with the colored liner trend. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE it on other people (I’m looking at you, Content Editor Charlie)… I just wish I had the confidence to rock it myself. So for now, I’ll stick to the pure black creamy formula of the Kohl Liner, and I’m going to challenge myself to incorporate the aqua blue and purple into some looks in the not-so-distant future! Wish me luck!

What are your top eye makeup essentials? Let us know, and in the meantime don’t forget, YOU are the Revolution.

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