Finding The Best Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

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Whether it’s a casual day in the office or a big night out, eyeliner is a versatile staple in our makeup bags- but are you applying it in the best way to accentuate your eye shape? 

If you didn’t even know that eyes had different shapes, don’t worry! Here at Revolution, we’ve got your back! If you’re asking yourself “what is my eye shape?” and need all the tips and tricks to master the best eyeliner for the different eye shapes, keep reading… 

What is My Eye Shape?

Determining your eye shape can be tricky. Take a look at the simple guide below to discover which eye shape features you align with most. Grab a friend to help if you’re still struggling! 

illustration of different eye shapes

1. Almond Eyes

Eyes resemble the shape of an almond. They are pointed in the inner corners, rounded towards the center and are slightly upturned at the outer corners. Typically, no white should be seen above or below the iris with almond eyes. Think Queen B, Beyoncé. 

2. Downturned Eyes

If you have downturned eyes, the outer corners drop lower than the inner corners. Picture, the one and only, Marilyn Monroe. 

3. Upturned Eyes

On the other hand, if the outer corners of your eye appear higher than your inner corners, the eyes are considered ‘upturned’. Kendall Jenner is a perfect example. 

4. Close Set Eyes

Eyes are slightly closer together. If the gap between your eyes measures less than the width of your eye, the eyes are categorized as ‘close set’. For example, Miley Cyrus. 

5. Wide Set Eyes

Those with wide set eyes tend to have more space in between the two inner corners, a gap that’s usually larger than the width of the eye itself. Think Gigi Hadid. 

6. Round Eyes 

Round eyes can be identified by a clear eyelid crease when eyes are open. The whites of the eye underneath the iris are more visible in those with rounded eyes. Katy Perry for example. 

7. Protruding Eyes

With protruding eyes, the crease appears deeper and there will sometimes be a crease line underneath the eye. Amanda Seyfried is a great example. 

8. Hooded Eyes

Those with hooded eyes will notice that their crease is covered by their upper lid when the eyes are open, and there is often less eyelid space. Think Emma Stone.  

9. Monolids

With monolids, you’ll notice that the lid itself is much flatter, and you’re unlikely to be able to see any crease. Lucy Liu for example. 

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Best Eyeliner for Different Eye Shapes

Now that you’ve figured out your eye shape, you’ll want to maximize those assets and accentuate your natural beauty! 

At Revolution, we’ve put together some top tips for how to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes, allowing you to not only complement your eye type, but to help inspire creativity within your eyeliner looks. 

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What Eyeliner Is Best for My Eye Shape?

Eyeliner Looks for Almond Eyes

Almond eyes tend to be the most symmetrical (lucky you!), so really, you can pull off nearly any eyeliner look. We’re not jealous at all. 

To enhance your natural eye shape, begin with a thinner line in the inner corners, and gradually make it thicker as you move outwards. A wing can be added to the top line, or, to achieve a softer, smokier look, smudge it out to flatter the shape.  

We recommend using a soft kohl liner in your chosen shade, such as our Makeup Revolution Kohl Eye Liner. 

Eyeliner Looks for Downturned Eyes

Balance your downturned eye shape with an upturned winged eyeliner look. 

Using a bold color, such as the Relove Dip Eyeliner White, start with a fine line along your upper lash line, flicking the line upwards as you reach the outer corner. Keep the wing short and neat so that it’s still visible when smiling.  

Leave your bottom lash line clear to allow the white eyeliner to make its full impact! 

Eyeliner Looks for Upturned Eyes

Opt for a smoky eyeliner look if you have upturned eyes, as this will accentuate your eye shape perfectly.  

Using the Revolution Pro Visionary Gel Eyeliner Pencil in your choice of a matte, metallic or glitter finish, glide this buildable eyeliner onto your lower lash line first, then smudge out the outer corners using the angled smudger on the flipside of the pencil.  

Then, line the upper lash line, making it thicker as you reach the outer corners, and similarly, smudge it out.  

Eyeliner Looks for Close Set Eyes

For close set eyes, start your eyeliner look from the middle of your lids, rather than the inner corners, and bring the eyeliner out and past the outer corners of your eyes. This helps to elongate the eye, and with a bit of shimmer, can brighten the overall look. 

Using the Revolution Pro Visionary Gel Eyeliner Pencil in the shade Starry, begin lining your top and bottom lash line, starting in the middle of your lids and extending it out past the outer corners. 

Again, using the smudging tool at the end of your pencil, soften the edges to create a bright and elegant finish.  

Eyeliner Looks for Wide Set Eyes

If your eyes are wide set, you want to concentrate your eyeliner efforts to the inner corners of your top and bottom lash lines, to help balance the overall eye look. 

Using the Makeup Obsession So Kohl Eye Liner in your shade of choosing, build the color in your inner corners to create an inward focus. Draw the eyeliner outwards on the top lid (without creating a wing) to complete the eyeliner look. 

Eyeliner Looks for Round Eyes

With rounded eyes, you want to try and elongate your eye shape to avoid the eyes looking too circular. 

We recommend using a precision pen gel liner, such as the Revolution XX FliXX Eye Liner Pen. The click-activations means this eyeliner doesn’t dry out, allowing you to create that fresh flick every time. 

Apply a thin line along the inner corners, creating a thicker line as you move toward the outer corner. Create your wing by keeping the eye open, ensuring the flick finishes in line with the end of your eyebrow. If going for a bold evening look, why not try the double-winged eyeliner by creating a flick from your bottom lash line too?! 

Eyeliner Looks for Protruding Eyes

Similarly to the round eye shape, we recommend creating an eyeliner look to elongate the shape of your eye, be that with a classic cat eye, or something more creative! 

Since your crease is more defined, ensure that the tip of the wing meets the outer corner of your crease, with a line that’s thin enough to complement your eye shape but doesn’t go overboard. 

This eye shape is already big and beautiful, so you don’t need a light shade of eyeliner to help them pop. We recommend using a darker shade, but if black is not your thing, why not try the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Eye Liner in Brown?  

Eyeliner Looks for Hooded Eyes

If you think you can’t achieve winged eyeliner look for hooded eyes, think again! You don’t want thin lines that get lost under a hooded lid when the eyes are open, so it’s important to get the thickness of the eyeliner spot on. 

We suggest creating the outline of your flick while the eye is open to ensure you achieve the shape you want. Fill the wing in afterwards, then, build the eyeliner out from the inner corner of your eye to complete the look.  

Try the Revolution XX XXact Eye Liner Pencil in a range of shades to get creative with your eyeliner look! 

Eyeliner Looks for Monolids

You want your eyeliner look to remain visible when the eyes are open, so we recommend opting for a thick, top-lid look in a bold, shimmery shade! 

We recommend the Revolution XX MagnetiXX Duo Chrome Eye Liner which is available in 6 metallic colors. Using the thin-tipped applicator, start with a thin line that’s close to your lash line and build up to a significantly thicker line as you draw it outwards. 

Continue to build its thickness further so that the eyeliner pops even when your eyes are open.  

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