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7 Hacks For How To Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly

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When it comes to the eyeliner stage of the makeup routine, many of us are filled with fear. With a perfect base, sharp brows and stunning eyeshadow, is wonky eyeliner about to ruin it all? Don’t worry! At Revolution, we’re here to ensure that your eyeliner looks have a 100% success rate with these tips and tricks on how to do eyeliner. 

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7 Hacks on How to Do Eyeliner

Hack 1 – Start with Your Least Favorite Eye

Ever created the perfect eyeliner look on your favorite eye, then spent hours trying to match it on your challenging eye? We’ve all been there! 

Our first eyeliner hack is to start with your more difficult eye, making it much easier to create uniform eyeliner looks that match, particularly when doing winged eyeliner 

Hack 2 – Use a Guide for Winged Eyeliner

As much as we’d love to produce that perfect cat-eye look every time, sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. 

Whether you choose a business card, spoon or tape (we recommend our Cosmetic Tape), you can create sharp, seamless winged eyeliner looks that match perfectly. 

Our top tip on how to do eyeliner? Try the Revolution Waterproof Renaissance Eyeliner for effortless wings! Don’t be afraid to use a guide if you aren’t blessed with the steadiest of hands! 

Hack 3 – Apply Pencil Eyeliner Before Liquid

Penciling in eyeliner is a great way to map out where your liquid eyeliner is going to go. Then, simply trace over the top with your chosen liquid eyeliner. 

We recommend the Makeup Revolution Kohl Eye Liner – super pigmented and the perfect creamy consistency for sussing out where you want that wing to go. It’s also great as a standalone product to achieve the ultimate smokey eye look. 

Hack 4 – Need More Control? Go Gel

Another lesson from ‘how to do eyeliner 101’? If you’ve thrown in the towel and decided liquid eyeliner just isn’t for you, try a gel liner! 

Its thicker consistency means it doesn’t move as much as liquid liner, making it easier to control when teamed with a firm precision brush. 

Try the Revolution XX MaXX Impact Gel Eye Liner for intense pigment and ease of application, no matter the eyeliner look you’re creating. 

Hack 5 – Invest in a White Eyeliner

As well as creating some killer white eyeliner looks, it can take your overall makeup look to the next level. 

Applying white liner to the bottom lash line creates the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, enhancing the eye look and making it pop. 

Speaking of popping, white eyeliner can also be used as a primer for both eyeshadow and your main eyeliner. It provides staying power and allows the pigment to really stand out, perfect for creating those maximalist eye looks.  

Try the Revolution XX XXact Eye Liner Pencil in the shade Chalk and thank us later! 

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Hack 6 – Make Eyeliner Out of Your Favorite Eyeshadow

Ever looked at your favorite eyeshadow and thought ‘you’d make a great eyeliner’. Well, you’re in luck! Our eyeliner tip: With a damp eyeliner brush, you can change the consistency of eyeshadow and darken its pigment, making it perfect for lining your lids or lash line.  

An angled brush, such as the Xx Revolution Xxpert Brush ‘The Perspective’ Angled Eye Brush, is essential for achieving that sharp, precise cat eye. 

Hack 7 – Tidy Up Your Eyeliner Looks with a Skin Tone Liner

This isn’t us questioning your precision skills, but we all know accidents can happen when learning how to do eyeliner! 

If the smudged look is now verging on panda eyes, instead of starting the whole look again, our final eyeliner hack is to simply tidy it up using a liner that’s the same shade as your skin tone.  

Revolution eyeliners are available in a range of shades and colors, so it’s useful to have on to hand to ensure your look is bold and on fleek. 

Ready to graduate from ‘how to do eyeliner’ 101? Get practicing!  

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