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How To Save On Beauty This Spring

Affordable beauty products

At Revolution, we are big believers that beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Striving to create affordable makeup that doesn’t compromise on formulations or ingredients, we know a thing or two about beauty budgeting.

Saving money doesn’t have to stop you from serving looks. Creating a gorgeous warm spring makeup look is easy with our five simple tips. Your lemonade budget will be funding a champagne lifestyle in no time.

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Our Five Tips to Save Money on Beauty Products

Looking good shouldn’t mean sacrificing your daily iced latte or sushi addiction.

Here at Revolution gatekeeping isn’t our style. To help you budget like a baddie we’re going to show you how to save money on beauty products. The class is now in session.

1. Dupes

Dupes are an easy way to save money. A quick Google search of a must-have beauty product will undoubtedly bring up a dupe, usually for a fraction of the price.

Cheap makeup doesn’t mean cheap products. Often these products are a similar shade and formulation, making spotting the difference once applied virtually impossible.

The next time you find yourself lured by a haute highlighter or a luxe lipstick, opt for a more affordable dupe and thank us later. We can guarantee that your face and your purse will have never looked better.

To start you on your dupe journey, we’ve selected some of our favorite REVOLUTION products that give pricier options a run for their money.

2. Multi-use

Much like the cost per wear of clothing, beauty products have a cost per use. The more ways you can use a product the better the value.

A wise beauty brand once said: just because you have lipstick, doesn’t mean you have to use it as lipstick.

Spoiler: Revolution is the wise beauty brand.

A lipstick while predictably great on your lips, also makes for a cheeky cream blush and an alluring eyeshadow. Use in all locations at once for a gloriously effective tonal look.

Bronzer and highlighter are eyeshadow alternatives favored by celebrity MUAs. If multi-use products are good enough for the red carpet, they are good enough for your grocery shop. A blown-out, bronzy eye is perfect for a spring makeup look, and also really pops on the chocolate aisle.

Get yourself a product that can do both. Play around with makeup and see how many ways you can use your products. When buying new, consider versatility to avoid spending money on one trick wonders.

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3. Avoid wastage

Next time you finish a beauty product that is packaged in a tube, cut it open. The likelihood is that you’ll discover enough product remaining to keep using it.

Now think of how many times you’ve thrown away products without checking what’s left inside the packaging. It’s fair to say you’ve probably disposed of at least a week’s worth of skincare and full glam.

Another top tip, that’s a favorite in Revolution HQ, is to add contact lens solution (saline) to mascara that’s dried up. Providing the mascara is still in date, this is a great way to revive a product destined for the bin.

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4. Reuse

While it may not seem costly, buying cotton pads, makeup wipes, and other disposable makeup remover options can add up. Instead, opt for reusable alternatives.

A triple threat, reusable makeup removers are not only better for your pocket, but better for your face and the environment.

A quick swipe of a reusable makeup remover pad gently removes the bulk of your makeup. Once used, the pad can be placed in the wash with the rest of your laundry, ready to be used again and again and again…

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5. DIY Professional Treatments

One of the best ways to save money is to DIY. Unlike flat pack furniture, we promise beauty DIYs are very fun, with not a screwdriver or breakdown in sight.

Broke a nail? We got you. The easiest at home treatment is nails. For a fraction of the price, our press-on nails take your manicure from tragic to magic. The simple application means you nail it every time.

A cheap makeup alternative to a brow lamination, is our extra hold brow glue. Delivering a fluffy and feathered brow in seconds, a brow lift has never been easier, or cheaper.

Once you get the DIY bug, you’ll find there’s a whole host of beauty treatments that you can do without ever changing out of your pajamas. Better yet, invite your friends round and have a DIY spa night – saving money doesn’t mean missing out on fun!

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Armed with our top five tips, you’re well on your way to being a money saving savage.

Don’t forget to share your savvy shopping and thrifty treatments with us at @MAKEUPREVOLUTION.

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