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For some beauty lovers, press-on nails may be seen as a throwback Y2K moment, but we’ve heard that the trend is back and better than ever. Forget your clumsy attempt at gel nails or your overpriced acrylic nails, we have the top tips, tricks and styles to get high-quality false nails at home.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know about how to do false nails at home. Trust us, your nails will have never looked better.

How to Apply Press-on Nails

Revolution’s collection of false nails offers up to five days of wear. The kit comes with a nail file, glue and 24 nails of various sizes to fit any nail shape.

If you aren’t sure how to apply false nails, here’s a step-by-step guide to a flawless fit every time:

1. But First, Nailcare

Healthy nails and cuticles mean better-looking natural nails. Strong nails will hold nail glue for longer. To give your cuticles a little love, use the Revolution Good Vibes Cuticle Oil to keep them moisturized and healthy.

2. Clean Hands

Before you start your manicure, make sure you have a clean canvas to play with. Wash your hands well, and make sure to pay particular attention to your nails. Dry your hands and ensure that the nails are completely dry and free from oil.

3. Choose an Appropriate Nail Size

Lay out your false nails and pair up the sizes to your natural nails. Make sure that the false nail is a little bit smaller than your natural nail, as it will stick to the nail better.

Expert Tip: If the false nails are a little large, use the nail file provided to file down the sides.

4. Clip Your Nails

Having short natural nails is a must when applying false nails, as this will stop breakages and help your falsies to stay on for longer.

5. Apply Glue

Apply glue to both the false and natural nail. Only a small amount is needed.

6. Apply False Nail

Press on the false nail just above the cuticle. Apply pressure for 10 seconds to allow the glue to fully dry. If any excess glue comes out of the sides, use a Q-tip to get rid of it.

Expert Tip: Always carry your nail glue in case of emergency! This will be a lifesaver if a nail does decide to pop off!

7. Flaunt your Final Look

Now your nails are perfectly applied, watch as the compliments fly your way!


Revolution’s Favorite False Nails

At Revolution, there are a variety of false nail styles, colors and designs to choose from. Let us take you through our absolute fave styles for a flawless, salon-style mani.

Revolution Flawless False Nails Allure

Add a touch of golden glamour with Revolution’s Allure nails. The chic marble effect instantly elevates a full-glam look. Stay on-trend by styling your aesthetic around the nude and gold colorway of your nails.


Take your look further by complementing your nail art with a Hollywood-inspired makeup look. We recommend pairing these nails with a dewy face and a soft gold glitter eye look. Perfect your glitter eye with our guide and you will be ready for the red-carpet in no time!

How To Create Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

How to

How To Create Soft Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

Embrace natural glam with our guide to soft glittery eyes!

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Revolution Flawless False Nails Fire

If you’re ready to commit to a neon nail, we ‘flame’ to please with Revolution Flawless False Nails Fire. This colorful take on a fiery design is ideal for those wanting to express themselves through nail art. Turn heads by matching your luminescent nails with a sleek neon eyeliner moment.

Revolution Flawless False Nails Optimum

Nails in grey are here to slay! Mix and match your nail look with these marble effect false nails. The short, square shape and muted colorway offers a modern, everyday nail.

For a makeup look to match Revolution Flawless Press-on Nails Optimum, go for a super soft smoky eye look. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some silver shimmer to complement the monotone style.

Revolution Flawless False Nails Constellation

Transport yourself into another galaxy with Constellation False Nails, inspired by sparkling stars on a dark night. Go for an intergalactic makeup look with these nails. For extra sparkle, add face gems around your eye.


Now you have all you need to create a salon-style in your own home. Make sure to share your nail looks with us on our social media @makeuprevolution!

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