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How To Get Salon Lashes At Home

5D Whiplift Mascara

We’ve all been there: a hot event is on the horizon and all the lash appointments are fully booked. With bald eyelashes, you have no choice but to cancel and become a hermit until the next available slot.

Luckily for you, Revolution Salon is open and ready for business. It’s time to come out of hiding, sit back, relax, and soak in our beauty life hacks for how to get that false lash effect from home.

Pajamas and fluffy slippers are optional but highly recommended.


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Welcome! Here at Revolution Salon, we know a thing or two about good mascaras. So much so, that we can say with confidence that it’s time to throw away all other mascaras and end your relationship with your lash tech.

Using our years of expertise and beauty knowledge we have created the ultimate mascara: 5D WHIP LIFT MASCARA.

The Treatment

Formulated with ultra-black ink, nourishing argan, and castor oil, 5D WHIP LIFT MASCARA delivers a long-lasting salon lash lift effect.

Our innovative vortex brush not only sounds like a supervillain weapon but also gives you the lashes of a baddie, coating and perfecting each one of your lashes. Watch your lashes lift lengthen, and volumize, all in a simple swipe.

With no smudging, no crumbling, and absolutely no drooping throughout the day, rumor has it, we’ve invented a miracle product. Praise the lashes!

Suitable for all lash lengths, this is the best mascara for short lashes, long lashes, and mid lashes. Whatever your lash type, this is the mascara for you.

How to Apply: Swipe from lash root to tip using the vortex brush. Layer as desired.

The results

Still skeptical? This is what our testers have said about 5D WHIP LIFT MASCARA:

– 85% agreed Whip Lift mascara gives a salon lash-lifting effect
– 85% agreed Whip Lift mascara coats every single lash from root to tip
– 93% agreed Whip Lift mascara lasts all-day
– 85% agreed Whip Lift mascara gives a lasting hold through the day
– 83% agreed Whip Lift mascara does not crumble throughout the day
– 90% agreed Whip Lift mascara does not smudge throughout the day

*Reviews gathered from 150 users in a blind test trial, 2022

Lash Hacks

While our 5D WHIP LIFT MASCARA is foolproof, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you become a certified ‘At Home Lash-Lift Technician’*, who doesn’t love beauty on a budget?

Wiggle and roll. My mascara don’t wiggle, wiggle, it rolls… instead of quickly swiping your mascara, wiggle the wand at the root of your lashes before swiping up. This will make sure every lash is covered, helping with volume and length.

Don’t pump. Pumping the wand in and out of the mascara tube constantly forces air into the tube and causes your mascara to dry out. As satisfying as it is, don’t do it!

Q-tips are life. If your mascara application is more on the clumsy side, the Q-tip will be your best friend. Dab in moisturizer and the Q-tip can delicately remove the most disastrous of smudges.

Eye prime. Excess moisture on your eyelid can cause your mascara to smudge. Applying an eye primer will help to minimize moisture and banish unfortunate panda eyes.

Open wide. Passed down from generation to generation, opening your mouth when applying mascara is a time-honored technique that never fails. Scientists have yet to disprove that this is an integral step in mascara application.

*While not an official qualification, we will be proud of your achievement regardless.


Most likely to win best lashes? That would be you thanks to 5D WHIP LIFT MASCARA, not a single lash extension in sight. Now go forth and live your best mascara life.

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Now that your lashes have been WHIPped into shape, don’t forget to share photos with us @MAKEUPREVOLUTION.


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