Multi-Use Makeup: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup

Multi-use Makeup Products

Does your makeup collection require its own suitcase when you’re going on holiday? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s just so easy to be a little click-happy when scrolling through new trends and product recommendations on your social feeds. One thing can lead to another, and suddenly you’re drowning in makeup!

As wonderful as it is to see that order confirmation greet your inbox, finding ways to become sustainable and reduce waste is a trend we should all be on board with. Although it can be painful to part with your products, letting go of the items you don’t reach for can be an effective way of slimming that makeup bag right down. Whether you throw them in the trash (please ditch those long-expired palettes) or donate them to a friend, forming healthier buying habits and condensing future hauls to the odd essential will benefit your makeup bag and the environment. We want you looking your hottest, not our planet.

Let’s Talk Multi-Use Makeup

If you plan to steer clear from the trash can, being more conscious about the types of products you use and how you use them can be the key to keeping your collection to a minimum and doing your part for the planet.

We’ve put together a list of products that can be used for much more than their intended purpose: multi-use makeup! Discover our five ways to get the most out of your makeup collection, so you can stay on trend and stay sustainable.

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Captivating Creams

Cream products make the ideal multi-use makeup product: their buttery textures and subtle washes of color make them perfectly adaptable to a number of looks!

And our Blush Bomb Cream Blusher is one of our favorites. Whether you’re wanting a natural looking flush on your cheeks, a rosy cream eyeshadow or the perfect lip look, add drop or two wherever you decide you need a touch of color and blend!

To achieve a perfect sun-kissed eye makeup look that delivers a subtle shimmery glow, apply a swipe of our Ultra Cream Bronzer on each eyelid and blend with our Brush Queen Fluffy Blending Brush to diffuse the color evenly.

Embrace Everywhere Balms

They’re clear, fragrance-free and un-tinted: thanks to their versatility, multi-use balms are a staple of the multi-use movement. Infused with a heavenly blend of aloe and olive oil, our Everything Balm can be used to nourish your nails, help your hands and salvage patches of dry skin.

Expert Tip: multi-use products aren’t just be reserved for your face! Give your body some extra TLC with all our multi-use products.

Brow Gel Or Mascara?

We all love the plumpest, chunkiest mascaras with the spikiest bristles (have you seen our 5D Lash Pow Mascara?) but if you’re looking to find a multi-use product to minimise your make up collection, try a brow gel!

If you don’t have a steady hand or have deep-set eyes, it can be a challenge to get any colour on your lashes. However, tinted brow gels are typically designed to have shorter and thinner brushes to evenly distribute product through even the thinnest of eyebrows, so it also works perfectly for those hard-to-reach lashes. Packed full of pigment and sporting a well-defined brush, our High Brow Gel will keep your lower lash line in the game.

Embrace Your Brow Pen

If you want to turn your statement cat-eye look into something a little more wearable for daylight hours, a brow pen may be the solution you’re looking for. With its muted pigmentation and precise felt tip, a brow pen will deliver an effortless and soft swipe of colour that will enhance your natural lash line and eye shape in no time. Our Bushy Brow Pen is an impressive dupe for your eyeliner if you crave a touch of natural glam.

Contour With Tanning Products

For an off-duty bronze glow that’ll save you from splashing out on the contour products, we suggest that when you’re next topping up your tan, apply a little to the contours of your face to mimic the effects of bronzer. With its light, non-drip formula, our Whipped Tanning Mousse will give you the chiselled cheekbones and snatched jawline of your dreams without the fear of streaks or the need for contouring products.


There you have it, our top five tips for getting the most out of your makeup collection and embracing sustainability with the best multi-use products!

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