Find the Best Primer For Your Skin Type

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Are you looking for the key to long-lasting makeup? Are you tired of seeing your makeup slide off your face only mere hours after applying it? Do those pesky oils, patches of dry skin and areas of dullness conspire against your makeup? 

If these are the perils that threaten to ruin your makeup game, we have the answer: primer! 

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So, if you’re ready to take your makeup game to the next level, we’ve put together this guide to explore the ins and outs of this handy makeup must-have. So, read on if you’re eager to discover what it can do for your makeup and find the best primer for your skin type. 

What Is Primer Used for?

Face primer creates the perfect silky canvas for your face, allowing for a seamless makeup application. It provides an extra grippy layer for your makeup to adhere to and ensures it can stay firmly in place from day to night. It can battle excessive shine, help to minimize the appearance of blemishes and pores, banish dullness and promote the finish you’re longing for, whether that’s radiant, dewy or matte.

So, which is the best primer for you? Different types of primers have various properties and purposes, so the best primer for you depends on multiple factors, from your skin type, concerns and what makeup goal you ultimately have in mind. So, let’s lock it down!

Expert Tip! Primer is the crucial step between your skincare and foundation, but ensure that your skincare is fully absorbed before applying primer – dry and clean skin is the ideal base for a snatched makeup application.

Discover how to use primer and achieve that flawless base with our guide to applying primer for truly smooth makeup!

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How To Apply Primer For Truly Smooth Makeup

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Best Face Primer for Different Skin Types

We’ve narrowed it down to six of the best makeup primers that have been made with your skin in mind.  

Best Primer for Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common skin concern that can seriously threaten the finish of your foundation. Peeling skin, textured patches and flakiness can be a recipe for a tricky makeup experience. 

So, if you have parched skin in desperate need of a hit of hydration, find a primer with the right properties to transform your look from dry to dewy. Well, meet your new makeup bag staple: the Super Base Vitamin Base Primer. Designed to quench your desperately thirsty skin, this primer contains a cocktail of deeply nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and Vitamins B, C and E. Goodbye dry patches and hello radiant skin!   

Looking to learn more about our hydrating holy grail, hyaluronic acid? Discover our guide to everything you need to know about this skin-quenching savior!

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Best Primer for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you’re probably more familiar with makeup slipping off your face than most. You’ll likely find that skin looks overly shiny after a short amount of time, and you’re constantly reaching for your face powder or blotting powder throughout the day.  If this is the case, the best primer for your oily skin is a mattifying primer. 

If you want to control that oil, check out our Conceal & Fix Mattifying Primer. Enriched with salicylic acid, this primer works to tackle shine head-on by regulating oil production. It also helps to smooth out your pores and leaves you with a silky finish absent of any excessive shine. You’ll be looking matte and magnificent!

Looking to banish excessive shine from your skin? Discover your new go-to oily skincare routine!

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Best Primer for Acne-Prone Skin

Pimples and blemishes have long been the enemy to a flawless makeup application. Those pesky breakouts can disturb even the most well-baked of bases. Attempts to conceal these imperfections can result in a cakey mess. 

This is where a color-correcting primer comes in! A primer infused with cool-toned green pigments can help to neutralize the redness of your breakouts. If you’re worried about a green primer giving you a sickly complexion, rest assured you will be left with a clear base, free from the appearance of acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation.  

Substitute redness for radiance with our Color Correct Primerthe miracle primer that deserves a place in your makeup routine! 

Looking for more tips on how to soothe your red skin? Discover our guide to easing redness and calming your complexion!

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How To Reduce Skin Redness

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Best Primer for Dull Skin

Dull skin typically appears as though its missing a radiant, ‘litfromwithin’ glow. Eyebags may appear especially dark, your skin textures may look exaggerated and raised and your general complexion may appear a little grey.  

When looking for the best primer for dull skin, try a light-reflecting primer. This will help bring your skin back to life and give it the luminous boost it needs!   

Formulated with niacinamide and sunflower oil, our Fix & Glow Primer preps the skin for a glowing makeup application or, if you’re not feeling foundation that day, it can be worn on its own for a natural dewy look.

Discover our guide to the many wonders of niacinamide, the multi-tasking fave of the skincare community!

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Best Primer for Sensitive Skin

It can be daunting to try new makeup products when you have sensitive skin. If you’re prone to texture, blemishes or allergic reactions, introducing new ingredients to your routine can be a game of trial and error, so we recommend trying a gentle, lightweight primer that won’t irritate your skin.   

Expert Tip! Using a face primer is also a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your delicate complexion! 

The Planet Revolution The Clean Hydration Make Up Serum is a makeup primer that conditions and prepares your skin with nourishing and naturally derived ingredients while shielding it against pollution and aggressors.  

Best Primer for Combination Skin

Combination skin combines multiple skin concerns into one, and when it comes to your makeup game, you deserve a primer that can balance your base out to perfection. 

If you’ve got combination skin, say hello to your perfect match – the Pro Hydrating Primer Serum. This hydra-matte formula banishes unwanted shine while keeping skin hydrated, making it the perfect recipe for your combo skin! Watch your makeup apply seamlessly and last so much longer.  

Expert Tip! Want to add the finishing touch to your makeup look? Explore our range of setting sprays to lock in your look all day! 

Now you know all there is about our best makeup primers, you must be eager to start filling your cart

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Once you have found the best primer for your skin type, discover the ideal moisturizer to complete your routine! 

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