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How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

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Here’s one for all you glow getters out there! For the last few years, contour has reigned supreme. Now blush is back on-trend, and it’s here to stay.

Using blush is the perfect way to add a healthy flush of color to your cheek. From soft peach to a pop of red, blusher offers something for everyone.

To take your face makeup skills to the next level, it’s important to learn the best place to apply blush to complement your face shape. So, dive into our guide to find out how to apply blush and discover where to put blush to best accentuate your gorgeous features!

Step 1 – Identify Your Face Shape

Before delving into how to apply blush, the first step is to identify which face shape you have.  

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  1. Oval faces are long with prominent cheekbones and a narrower chin than the forehead – visualize Beyoncé. 
  2. Square faces have strong angular jawlines, and the forehead is the same width as the chin – picture Zendaya. 
  3. Rectangular faces have a square jaw and are longer than they are wide – think Sarah Jessica Parker. 
  4. Diamond faces are more angular than oval. They are narrow at the top, widen at the cheeks, and narrow again at the chin – visualize Vanessa Hudgens. 
  5. Heart faces are widest at the temple and narrow through the cheeks toward the chin – picture Reese Witherspoon. 
  6. Round faces have an equal length and width of the face, with full cheeks – think Selena Gomez. 

Step 2 – Choose Your Blush

Blush has come a long way. Gone are the days of choosing between a bright red or hot pink crumbly powder that has seen better days.

Now, we’re spoilt for choice with cream, liquid and powder blushes available. Luckily, these blushes can work for various face shapes! When experimenting with how to apply blush and where to put it, your choice of product should depend on your skin type and what makeup look you prefer.

Expert Tip: Use our blush shade guide below to select the perfect blush color to suit your skin tone!

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Here’s how to apply blush, depending on the formula you’ve opted for:

How to Apply Cream Blush

Cream blush is the best blusher for dry skin or for creating the dewy skin look.  

To achieve a flawless base, it’s best to apply cream blush after foundation and concealer but before applying any powder products. Then, simply use two fingers to apply it to your cheeks or blend it out with a stippling brush 

The Revolution Beauty Planet Revolution Color Pots gives a wonderful wash of color to leave you with a radiant-looking complexion.  

How to Apply Liquid Blush

Similarly to cream blush, a liquid blush should be applied before applying powder products. Dab the liquid into your skin with your ring finger or stipple it in with a brush 

The Revolution Blush Bombs gives the cheeks a gorgeously soft, natural-looking flush of color. 

How to Apply Powder Blush 

If you’ve opted for a powder blush, apply it after you’ve set your cream products with face powder. Then, dust the powder blush over your cheeks using a fluffy powder brush.  

The Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded is a velvety powder blush that seamlessly lifts the face and adds radiance.  

Step 3 – Learn Where to Apply Blush for Your Face Type

Once you’ve found your face shape and picked your blush, follow our guide on how to apply blusher to flatter your face shape. 

girl with blush and makeup brush

How to Apply Blush for Oval Face

So where do you put blush on an oval face? Oval faces are lucky when it comes to blush, as you can essentially put it anywhere.

We recommend brushing the blusher over your cheekbones towards your earlobe, blending it up toward your temple for the perfect rosy glow.  

How to Apply Blush for Square Face

To help define the cheekbones, diffuse the blush slightly below the cheekbone and blend lightly into the hairline to soften your features. You can also add a touch of blush down the nose to get the Madison Beer look!  

How to Apply Blush for Rectangular Face

Using blush can help give a rectangular face more width. Simply sweep your blush horizontally from the apples of your cheek back to your ears. This helps to balance and flatter those features! 

How to Apply Blush for Diamond Face

For diamond faces, apply your blush across the top of your cheekbones and blend upwards up to your ear. This will help to draw attention to all the right features, giving you that super cute blush look!   

How to Apply Blush for Heart Shaped Face

Applying blush to a heart shaped face can help to soften your features. Swipe your blush in a C-like shape, from the top of your cheekbones to the top of your eyebrow. Apply the blush with a light hand to avoid going overboard. 

How to Apply Blush for Round Face

To complement a round face, sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks to help make your cheekbones pop.  

Avoid the temptation to add any blusher to the nose to avoid making your face look rounder. Try sticking to a blush that isn’t overly packed with shimmer and instead opt for a more matte blusher such as a shade from the Makeup Revolution Flamingo Mini Trio Blush palette.  

Find Your Perfect Blush

Get ready to blush and glow get ‘em!

Now that you know how to apply blush like a pro, check out some of our favorite blushers!

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