How To Wear Makeup With A Mask

If you’re anything like us, you probably didn’t expect to still be wearing a face mask a year on, BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t still look good. Some of you may have even asked the question, can we wear makeup with a mask?

The answer is yes, we can! With a few simple steps, you can help to avoid the dreaded maskne, and that inevitable makeup imprint on the inside of your mask. Here are our top tips for wearing makeup with a mask.

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Top Mask‐Proof Makeup Tips

1. Wash Your Mask

Mask hygiene is an absolute must! Breathing into your tightly secured mask throughout the day creates a warm, damp haven for bacteria to breed. This in turn gives them ample opportunity to get into (and clog up!) your pores.

Make sure you’re washing your mask daily on a high temperature to kill those germs and keep your chin area looking clear and fresh.

2. Keep on Top of Your Skincare

Keeping up your skincare routine is especially important when you’re wearing a mask on the regular.

First things first, if you aren’t already, make sure you’re cleansing every morning and every evening to clear your face of any grime or dirt.

Add a gentle exfoliator into your weekly regime to sweep away dead skin cells, and make sure you’re prioritizing hydration with moisturizers. It can become super dry under there!

3. How to Wear Makeup with a Mask

When it comes to your makeup choices when wearing a mask, you should opt for makeup that has skincare benefits.

Revolution XX is your go‐to for two in one makeup and skincare. Loaded with powerful active skincare ingredients, it gives you insta‐worthy coverage, while providing your skin with all the goodness it craves.

  • After applying your primer, use a buildable, long‐wearing foundation that provides a light coverage like the Revolution XX Glow Skin FauXXdation. Touch up with a concealer if needed. One of our favorites is the ConcealXX Super fiXX Concealer.
  • Wearing a mask gives you more opportunity to make a statement with the rest of your beautiful face. Create bold looks with your eye makeup and create fluffy brows with our collection of brow products.

4. Lock in Your Look

If you’re wondering how to stop your makeup from transferring onto the inside of your mask, don’t panic. For mask‐proof makeup, finish your look with a setting spray like the Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Fixing Spray.

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