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How To Achieve ‘Wednesday’ Inspired Vampy Glamour

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Going viral on Tik Tok with her moody, goth vamp aesthetic Wednesday is the ultimate alt girl without even trying.

Rejecting the social norm, Wednesday is all about embracing your weirdness and the macabre. Much like her personality, Wednesday’s makeup leans to the dark side, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be kept for Halloween. Instead, showcase your dark side and take inspiration from the OG goth girl for a fun and moody look.

If you’re looking to live your best alt life, we’ve created a simple guide to achieving the iconic Wednesday look. A fondness for black is highly recommended.

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Wednesday’s Look

While Wednesday’s child is full of woe, her look is anything but. An icon amongst outcasts, Wednesday Addams has brought vampy, gothic glam back from the dead (or the 90s, at least).

Wednesday takes her makeup inspiration from her mother, Morticia. The classic Morticia makeup style of a vampy bold lip and a dramatic cat eye are noticeable in Wednesday’s makeup but the application is rebellious. Lips are still bold but in grungier brown tones than the bold reds and purples favored by Morticia. Eyes are edgier with a defiant, smoky eye. Think vampy, goth glamour with a moody 90s edge. HalloQueen instead of Halloween.

Wednesday’s Toolkit

  • Fixing Spray
  • Foundation
  • Contour Stick
  • Powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lipstick

Wednesday’s Makeup Tutorial

If like Wednesday, you find yourself breaking out in hives at the mere thought of color, and soft girl glam is your idea of a dystopian hellscape, we have the makeup look for you!

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Step One: Complexion

Embracing the half-dead look is not for everyone and can be difficult (and ill-advisable) to achieve. Wednesday’s skin is kept minimal, helping to increase the gothic drama of her eyes and lips.

To keep your makeup looking fresh all day while hunting psychotic, serial-killing monsters, prep your skin with 3 to 5 spritzes of pore blurring IRL All Day Filter Fixing Spray.

Next, apply CC Perfecting Skin Tint for a light coverage, followed by a cool toned contour under your cheekbones to create Wednesday’s gaunt ‘hollowed out’ look. We like to use our Fast Base Contour Stick with the Create Defining Contour Brush R10 for an effortless blend.

A dusting of Conceal & Define Powder Foundation in Translucent will help to set your makeup, and banish shine, so you look like you’ve been touched by death’s cold embrace.

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Step Two: Eyes

To achieve Wednesday’s smoky eye, use our Forever Flawless Shadow Palette Bare Pink.

Starting with warm brown tones, blend a combination of Obsessed and Craving over the lid and under your bottom lashes. Alternatively, our Mega Bronzer also works well for achieving this base.

Then take Midnight and smudge it along the top and bottom lashes, before layering with a touch of Superstar shimmer. Much like Wednesday, the beauty of this smoky eye comes from imperfections. So don’t worry about being too neat, have fun embracing the smudge for a gloriously gothy eye.

If you want to amp up the vamp, add a winged eyeliner. Liner Pow Liquid Eyeliner will give you a cat eye sharper than your hatchet.

Finish with a few swipes of our 5D Waterproof Mascara which is formulated to be tearproof, sweatproof, rainproof and pigs-blood-proof. Pair with a deadpan stare and disdain for society.

Expert tip: Emphasise, or create, under eye bags using the brown eyeshadow for a fully committed Wednesday look.

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Step 3: Lips

Ever the rebel, Wednesday’s approach to lipstick strays from your typical polished lip. Stick to dark brown shades for a grungy, 90s glam.

Taking Satin Kiss Lip Liner in TGIF (or TGIW as it shall now be known), outline your lips, making sure to just color in the corners.

The dark brown lip liner may seem extreme at first, but once layered with a dab of our Lip Swirl Ceramide Gloss in Cherry Mauve you have the perfect vampy, just-bitten lip. Wednesday would be proud. Or at least tolerate you.

If you’re more of a lipstick lover, the Satin Kiss Lipstick in TGIF can be applied with your finger for an effortless, undone lip. Pair with a dark lip liner or on its own. As a bonus, the creamy formula will stay put while you eat Girl Scouts for breakfast.

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The Finished Look

With your makeup done, it’s time to plait your hair and don your favorite black dress to dance the night away at the Rave’N dance. Sadly, makeup is our expertise, not dance, so you’re on your own when it comes to the infamous Wednesday dance.

*snap snap*

Now that you’re ready to crash a funeral, don’t forget to share your snaps with us @MAKEUPREVOLUTION

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