6 TikTok-Approved Beauty Products You Need To Know

TikTok is a place for fun, creativity, and snappy content. It’s also the best place to find authentic reviews, super quick how-to’s, and the latest beauty hacks and trends.

If the community of TikTok find a product that *actually* works, it can quite literally become an instant success and sell out overnight.

So, to save you the endless scrolling, we’ve rounded up 6 Revolution products that have gone viral on the app thanks to the hashtag #TikTokMakeMeBuyIt.

Viral Beauty Products

Satin Kiss Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Satin Kiss ‘Chauffeur’

It’s no secret that TikTok is the go-to place to find affordable dupes of your favorite products. The Revolution Satin Kiss in ‘Chauffeur’ has stolen the show recently thanks to its perfect mix of dusky rose and chocolate brown hues for berry-kissed lips. It’s often shouted out as an affordable dupe to a certain premium lipstick…

Makeup Revolution Soap Styler

Revolution Soap Styler

No more searching your bathroom cupboards to create the famous brow soap trick, the Revolution Soap Styler dedicated brow-safe soap is your go-to for brows that won’t budge. It grips every. single. hair (even those stubborn ones). There are now thousands of videos about this product – which explains why we can barely keep it in stock!

Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil

An all-time favorite for lovers of microbladed brows, this super-thin brow pencil helps to create super fine hair-like strokes. It’s a game-changer for sparse brows.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick

Revolution Pro Blur Sticks

The pore-blurring properties of this primer made it an automatic TikTok favorite – and is a constant sell-out on Revolution. It promises to blur out everything from pores to uneven texture and it can be used with or without makeup. And the Blur Stick’s new watermelon-infused sister, Blur Stick Plus, is packed with added skincare benefits Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to give you that good skin.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

The beauty community of TikTok are always looking for the fastest way to achieve a flawless base. Gone are the days of building and blending. They want full coverage – and fast! The Fast Base Stick Foundation has become a TikTok sensation thanks to its easy-to-apply stick formula that melts into the skin. It blends seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish.

Revolution Fix & Glow Fixing Spray

The search for the ultimate setting spray has been an ongoing investigation amongst the beauty community for a while now. The Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Fixing Spray has lived up to the hype thanks to its ability to keep your makeup under lock whilst leaving your skin with a radiant dewy finish. Perfect to complete your glowy makeup look.

What’s your #TikTokMakeMeBuyIt product? Let us know over on the @makeuprevolution TikTok channel.

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