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How To Rock The E-Girl Hair Trend

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TikTok has already graced us with so much hair and makeup inspo this year #blessedOur latest obsession? Egirl hairFeaturing vibrant and colorful streaks that contrast with the rest of your tresses, this latest TikTok hair trend is the perfect way to frame your face and flaunt some seriously bold hair colors 

Here’s how to do e-girl hair, plus 10 egirl hairstyles to inspire you. 

How to Try E-Girl Hair Dye

Want to try the e-girl hair dye trend for yourself? DIYing this look is so easy!  

Step 1 – Choose Your E-Girl Hair Dye

Which e-girl hair dye you use depends on how long you want to rock the trend for.

  • The short-term commitment: The Revolution Rainbow Pastes are temporary hair coloring waxes that wash away in one wash. Choose from 6 vibrant shades.
  • I’m in it for the long run: I Heart Revolution Rainbow Tones are at-home semi-permanent hair colors that last at least 8 washes. Choose from a range of 13 colors, including red, blue, orange, green, pink, purple and silver.

Step 2 – Part and Section Your Hair

To create your e-girl look, part your hair down the middle, brush forward a section of hair on either side of the parting (from the ear to the top of the crown), then tie back the rest of your hair. To stay true to the trend, the front sections should be between 1 and 2 inches wide.

Step 3 – Dye Your Hair

This is the fun part! Apply the color to your face-framing sections, making sure to follow the directions that came with your e-girl hair dye. You can opt for any color, just make sure that it really stands out against your natural hair. Remember – the bolder, the better!

E-Girl Hairstyles

Now you know how to color your e-girl streaks, you just need to choose which e-girl hairstyle to go for. These are just some of our favorite looks.

Chunky E-Girl Hair Streaks

Remember what we said earlier about dying 1 to 2 inch-streaks? That’s only a guide, so feel free to make your face-framing front sections as chunky as you like. We love @kateelisabethxo’s barbie pink chunky e-girl hair streaks.

@kateelisabethxo e girl hair


Dainty E-Girl Hair Streaks

Or, you could go the opposite way and make your e-girl hair streaks as thin as possible. @rachelteetyle frames her face with lightened micro-streaks that contrast perfectly with her dark locks.

@rachelteetyle e girl hair


E-Girl Hair Dye: The Single Streak

We told you e-girl hair was all about self-expression! Be a rule breaker and flaunt a single colorful strand like @sandrabulldock. Her pink streak is a super cute take on this e-girl hairstyle.

@sandrabulldock e girl hair


E-Girl Peekaboo Streaks

Channel those nineties vibes with peekaboo streaks. Instead of coloring the front section of your hair, dye a small section of hair from the nape of the neck, just below the ear, on either side of your head.

@merrylinboro e girl hair


Two-Toned E-Girl Hair Streaks

Who says the front streaks have to be the same shade? Use a different e-girl hair dye on each section to create a two-toned effect. It’s fun and playful – and we’re so here for it!

@chrisweberhair e girl hair


Deep Parting Streaks

A trendy twist on the classic e-girl trend, this deep parting perfectly frames the face and adds a sassy yet classy vibe.

@angel.iica e girl hair


Dyed Bangs

Cut some bangs over lockdown? Dye your fringe and front layers to create a head-turning look.

freakinglexus e girl hair


Braided E-Girl Hair

Why not braid your chunky e-girl hair streaks and put a creative spin on this TikTok hair trend.

allie.xcx e girl hair


Reverse E-Girl Hair Dye

Ready to throw the rulebook out of the window? Dye all of your hair except the front section and reverse the typical e-girl look for a trendy hairstyle that really sets you apart from the crowd.

rosie.bellx e girl hair


Two-Toned Hair

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the front sections of your tresses. Your hair is your canvas, so embrace your inner artist and completely dye each side of your head a bold and vibrant color.

kidjess e girl hair



Whichever e-girl hairstyle you choose, don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with @makeuprevolution.

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