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The Benefits of Double Cleansing & How to Do It

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We all know the key role cleansing plays in our daily skincare routine – but what about double cleansing? How much difference can washing your face twice really make? We’re here to tell you! 

In this guide, we talk you through the benefits of double cleansing, our failsafe method, and some of our favorite products for promoting the cleanest skin! Are you ready for double cleansing 101? 

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What Is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing is exactly what it says on the tin – cleansing twice. 

This two-stage cleansing method helps to remove makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface, along with dead skin cells that might be clogging your pores. 

‘Doesn’t my cleanser already do that?’ we hear you ask. Not necessarily at the level you need it to. 

Double cleansing goes beyond the efforts of your everyday cleanser by removing tough SPF that can cling to your skin. If you live in a polluted environment such as a busy city, double cleansing also helps to rid the skin of any nasties you encounter during the day. 

Benefits of Double Cleansing

Depending on the double cleansing products you use and your skin concerns, adding an extra cleanse in your routine can deliver these benefits: 

  • Thoroughly removes makeup 
  • Removes leftover SPF 
  • Catches impurities your first cleanser may have missed 
  • Prevents the build-up of excess oil 
  • Helps to control acne and breakouts 
  • Hydrates dry skin 
  • Helps to brighten dull, lackluster skin 
  • Allows other skincare products to perform better 

How to Double Cleanse

So, what’s the best double cleansing method? 

Step one of double cleansing requires an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. This initial cleanse helps to remove makeup, while ridding the skin of pollution, SPF, and excess sebum. 

Apply your first cleanser to dry skin and massage in for a minute or so. Rinse with warm water. 

The second cleanse uses a water-based product. This offers a deeper clean, removing toxins and impurities, while getting deep into the pores to remove any nasties that may still be clinging to your skin. It also removes any residue leftover from your oil-based cleanser.  

Apply to damp skin and massage in thoroughly. Rinse again with warm water and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.  

Best Double Cleansing Products for Your Skin Type

One thing to remember when it comes to double cleansing is to choose products that suit your skin type. With the wrong combination of face washes, you may be doing your skin more harm than good! 

Below, we’ve put together a guide to the best double cleansing duos to try for your skin type. Remember, for the best results, start with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based! 

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For Dry Skin:

If you struggle with dry skin, you likely experience tightness and flakiness.  

Start your double cleansing method with the Revolution Skincare Hydration Ceramides Hydrating Cleanser. Containing the hydrating hero hyaluronic acid, skin is left feeling nourished and comforted, while makeup and impurities are removed.  

Massage into skin, rinse away and follow up with the Hydro Bank Hydrating Cleansing Gel. This lightweight, jelly textured face wash removes all leftover traces of dirt and debris that your first cleanse may have missed. Formulated with hydrating ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Polyglutamic Acid, skin is left feeling soft, clean and super refreshed. 

For Oily Skin:

Skin on the oilier side? An effective double cleansing method will help to keep excess sebum under control, minimizing spots and blemishes on oily skin. 

Begin with the Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Pore Refining Micellar Water. It’s formulated to help break down any oily residue on the skin, including makeup. A simple part of the cleansing routine to remove makeup and impurities. 

Follow up with the Revolution Skincare Charcoal Therapy Cleansing Bar. Charcoal in skincare is perfect for those with oily skin as it absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the skin, keeping shine under control. 

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For Combination Skin:

If your skin is oily in areas and dry in others, it’s time to find the best double cleansing method to target both. 

Start with the Revolution Skincare Purifying Daily Facial Gel Cleanser with Niacinamide to target those pores. Niacinamide plays a key role in gently cleansing pores, removing dirt and regulating sebum. It’s perfect for targeting areas that are prone to blemishes. 

With combination skin, it’s also important to keep hydration at optimal levels to help target the areas of dryness. For your second cleanse, use the hydrating Revolution Skincare Ceramides Hydrating Cleanser. The formula works to moisturize, soothe and soften without leaving skin feeling oily.    

For Sensitive Skin:

When it comes to sensitive skin, it’s important to be careful with your skincare product choice. You need a double cleansing combo that is gentle on the skin, while still getting the job done. 

Kickstart your cleanse with the Revolution Skincare Good Vibes Goddess Hydration Foaming Face wash. This gentle but effective formula leaves skin feeling fresh, while the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Cannabidiol seeks to soothe even the most sensitive skin. 

Complete your double cleanse with the Revolution Skincare Mattifying Pink Clay Mud-to-Foam Cleanser. Pink Clay is renowned for being kind to sensitive skin, helping to not only draw moisture to the skin, but to rebalance natural oils. Discover everything you need to know about Pink Clay in our previous post: 

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For Dull Skin:

Dull skin can leave you feeling a little lacklustre. Double cleansing with the correct products and ingredients can help to bring life back into dull skin, enhancing your glow.  

We all know that Vitamin C is the key to glowing skin, so start your routine with the Revolution Skincare Vitamin C Brightening Cream Cleanser. Formulated with Grape Seed, Avocado, Peach Kernel, and Sweet Almond Oils, makeup, dirt and debris are broken down, revealing a brighter, more radiant-looking complexion without stripping the skin of its moisture.  

Next, follow up with the Planet Revolution Grapefruit Brightening Cleansing Water. This lightweight cleansing water is enriched with real Grapefruit and vegan Glycerin to brighten and hydrate, while also removing impurities that your initial cleanse missed. 

Find your perfect double cleansing duo by shopping our full range of face washes and cleansers: 

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The journey to healthy-looking skin doesn’t stop there! Be sure to follow up your double cleansing method with a targeted skincare routine to reveal your best skin yet.  

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