The 8 Best Mascaras for Eye Popping Looks

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Mascara is an absolute essential to any eye makeup look, no matter the occasion. With so many types of mascara to choose from, though, it can be hard to find the right one – but whether you want big, bold volume or long fluttery lashes, Revolution have got a mascara for you.  

So, for eye makeup looks that are sure to slay, keep reading to find the best mascara that suits your needs and aesthetic perfectly. 


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Best Waterproof Mascara

Whether you’re heading to watch a sad movie or simply need a mascara that’s going to last all day, the best waterproof mascara creates eye looks that won’t budge, taking you from day to night. 

We recommend the 5D Lash Waterproof Mascara. With various-sized bristles in its brush, this waterproof mascara helps to fan the lashes outwards, creating a fuller lash look that is both fluttery and length enhanced. As well as clearly defined lashes, the highly pigmented formula is perfect for adding volume with staying powder, ensuring your eye makeup look is still stunning hours after application.  

Best Volumizing Mascara

For the thickest, fullest, most voluminous lash look, you’re going to want to try the Makeup Revolution Big Lash Volume Mascara 

One of the best volumizing mascaras, its full brush is designed to give every single lash (even those barely-there ones) some oomph. The long bristles coat each lash from root to tip with a rich pigmented formula, creating a weightless feel that packs a real punch.  

Pro tip: Volumizing mascara works in harmony with winged eyeliner, perfect for highly defined, evening eye makeup looks. 

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Best Lengthening Mascara

As much as we love the lash length you can achieve with falsies, a good lengthening mascara can work just as well (and save you time!).  

When you use the Makeup Revolution Wispy False Lash Mascara, beautifully fanned out lashes are a given, as the unique wide angled applicator hooks and separates each lash. Not only will lashes appear fuller, but their length will be so enhanced that your friends will mistake them for false lashes!  

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Best Curling Mascara

Want the effect of a lash lift without that trip to the salon? We’ve got your back with the best curling mascara! 

The Mascara Revolution’s weightless formula and ultimate hour-glass brush hook onto each lash to offer some serious lifting power! Lashes are left super curled, opening the eye up and allowing the rest of your eye makeup to truly pop. It’s perfect for those who have flatter lashes that often rely on manual lash curlers (and expensive lash lifts!). 

Best Mascara for Straight Lashes

Want fuller, juicy lashes? With straight lashes, we always recommend using an eyelash curler to give a bit of shape, but top this up using the I Heart Revolution Mascara in Tasty Peach. 

Not only a super cute addition to your makeup collection, the volumizing brush catches each and every lash to give them a boost in both length and curl.  

Best Mascara for Long Lashes

If the gods have gifted you with luscious long lashes, look after them! Use the Makeup Revolution 5D Mascara to make the most of your natural length. 

With a stroke of the brush, you can achieve instant length, lift, definition, stretch and volume making this mascara one of our best yet!

Best Mascara for Short Lashes

Don’t worry if you’ve not been blessed with naturally long, fluttery lashes – very few of us have! If false lashes aren’t your thing, why not try the Pro Faux Effect Lash Wide Eye Mascara Waterproof? 

Not only does this mascara create the appearance of faux lashes, the hour-glass shape of the brush helps to build lashes from the root. It’s also rich in skin-loving ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil, to keep lashes nourished, with the added bonus of a waterproof formula.  

Best Smudge-Proof Mascara

Looking for big volume that isn’t going to work its way down your face as the day goes on? Try the Makeup Revolution Big Lash Waterproof Volume Mascara 

Its wide angled brush with a mix of long and short bristles ensure that every lash is loaded with product for some serious weightless drama! 

The waterproof formula ensures that your lash look doesn’t smudge, budge or slide down your face, no matter the occasion or weather. 

Best Mascara Primer

A sure-fire way to make sure your eye makeup looks are popping is to prep your lashes with a primer. 

Enriched with cannabis sativa to help nourish the lashes, the Makeup Revolution Good Vibes Lash Primer is a great way to achieve maximum impact from your eye makeup. The white primer and dense bristled brush coats each and every lash, for thicker, longer lashes that intensify your mascara’s deep pigment.  

How to Apply Mascara

There’s no point in finding the best mascara if you don’t apply it correctly.  

For longer and flutterier lashes, begin by curling your lashes, then apply a lash primer. In a zig zag motion, coat your top lashes, starting at the root, then bring the wand out through the lengths. Only pop a small amount of product on your bottom lashes to avoid that spider-y effect.  

Be sure to share your popping mascara looks with us on Instagram by tagging @makeuprevolution. 

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