The 10 Best Lip Glosses For Juicy Lips

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You might’ve had hundreds back in the early 2000’s, but this is a PSA that lip gloss is officially back in business. Gone are the days of sticky gloop with sickly scents that dried out our lips – say hello to a new generation of lip glosses! 

With formulas that are nourishing, highly pigmented and super long lasting, this Y2K makeup essential is back and better than ever. 

Discover our top 10 Revolution lip glosses to help you achieve that high-shine, juicy lip look and live out your best noughties-inspired life… 

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  1. Best Lip Gloss - All Rounder
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    Best Lip Gloss - All Rounder

    Whether you’re team nude or team bright, grab yourself the Revolution XX XXaggerate Super Shine Lip Gloss in the shade of your choosing. 

    Gloss and shine are non-negotiable with this lip gloss, helping you to achieve the juiciest of lip looks. Perfect as a lipstick topper or as a standalone product, these lip glosses are highly pigmented and super long lasting.  

    Its 3D cushion effect makes it crazy comfortable to wear, and miles away from that sticky formula we all used to rock in 2007. 

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  2. Best Clear Lip Gloss
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    Best Clear Lip Gloss

    We love taking inspiration from icons of the 2000’s when creating Y2K makeup looks – and who were more iconic than the Bratz Dolls?!  

    For a full, plumped lip look that lets your lip pigment shine through, choose the Revolution x Bratz Maxi Plump Lip Clear to finish off your glossy lip look.  

    Team your favorite lipstick shade with our super shiny clear gloss, and your noughties-inspired juicy lips are complete! 

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  3. Best Red Lip Gloss
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    Best Red Lip Gloss

    Going bold with a red lip look but still want the shine? Say hello to the Relove Baby Gloss Babe, a compact, on-the-go gloss that packs a punch. 

    Available in a full range of shades, we’ve chosen ‘Babe’ as our top red lip gloss. Boasting a classic rose red tone, this mini lip gloss is perfect as a standalone product, or for intensifying another favorite lip product. 

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  4. Best Nude Lip Gloss
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    Best Nude Lip Gloss

    Sometimes, a simple nude lip is all you need to complete your makeup look. But why not take the versatile nude lip up a level with the perfect nude lip gloss? 

    The Revolution Pro Crystal Gloss in the shade Dreamer is the most gorgeous pinky-nude with a fine shimmer running throughout. It’s a sure-fire way to boss the juicy lip look! 

    Its formula is both plumping and nourishing, making it the ideal lip gloss for day and night. 

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  5. Best Pink Lip Gloss
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    Best Pink Lip Gloss

    If you ask us, we all need a bit more pink in our lives, so the perfect pink lip gloss is a true makeup bag essential. 

    For the prettiest pink lip gloss, choose Makeup Revolution X Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss in the shade Chandler. With an intense pigment and that wet look finish we need for juicy lips, our Friends lip gloss range are all makeup bag essentials. Why not collect them all?! 

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  6. Best Lip Plumper
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    Best Lip Plumper

    We all want to maximize our assets, so take your juicy lip look to the next level with a plumping lip gloss. 

    Our Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Gloss create a soft tingling sensation on the lips to help them plump up for a full look with maximum impact. 

    Available in 7 high-shine shades, from deep nudes to dusky pinks, these glosses are also enriched with Vitamin E for extra nourishment.

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  7. Best Nourishing Lip Gloss
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    Best Nourishing Lip Gloss

    It’s no secret that Avocado for skin is super moisturizing. It’s no different for our lips! 

    If you struggle with dry lips but still want to achieve a shiny, glossy look, try the I Heart Revolution Lip Oil – Tasty Avocado. This adorably packaged, lavishing lip oil keeps those chapped lips at bay, offering a deeply nourishing application that moisturizes and adds shine. 

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  8. Best Shimmer Lip Gloss
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    Best Shimmer Lip Gloss

    Lip glosses with shimmer are perfect for amplifying that shine and letting those lips do the talking.  

    Available in 6 high-impact shades, the Revolution XX XXtra Glow Lip Gloss adds glitz and glimmer to your favorite lip product. Or, you can use it as a jaw dropping standalone lip gloss. 

    Whatever the occasion, we’re firm believers that you can’t go wrong with a bit of extra shimmer and shine!

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  9. Best Flavored Lip Gloss
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    Best Flavored Lip Gloss

    Forget those sickly flavors you sported back in the 2000s, Y2K makeup has come a long way since then – and so have flavored lip glosses. 

    For the ultimate, indulgent lip look, try the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Lip Glosses. We love the shade Salted Caramel, not just because it’s a super wearable nude, but because it smells and tastes amazing! 

    Our range of Chocolate Lip Glosses are now formulated with antioxidant Vitamin E, for super soft lips that feel shiny and smooth – like lip therapy in a tube! It’s infused with Cocoa Extract to achieve its tantalizing scent!

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  10. Best Lip Gloss Bundles
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    Best Lip Gloss Bundles

    When one lip gloss just isn’t enough, get three! 

    Choose the Makeup Obsession Worth the Squeeze Jelly Gloss Trio lip gloss bundle to satisfy all of your gloss needs. These juicy AF, non-sticky formulas come in baby pink, bubblegum pink and the perfect shimmery clear gloss, ideal for finishing any shiny lip look.  

    Housed in total throwback packaging, no Y2K makeup bag is complete without these lip glosses 

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