The Best Shadow Palettes To Match Your Mood

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What mood are you in today? For those days where you want to say it all without saying a word, we’ve put together a list of our best shadow palettes to match your mood.  

Whether you’re feeling drunk in love or looking to make a bold statement, here’s how you can express yourself with shadow, from edgy makeup to colorful makeup looks. So, grab your brush, and let’s get creative!  

Which Mood Are You Today?

Shadow is a beautiful way to express whatever you’re feeling. Let’s match it with the best Revolution shadow palettes for your mood 

Mood: Outgoing

If you feel like the life of the party and want your shadow to match, it’s time to get inspired and create a colorful makeup look 

A bold eye is the perfect accent to complement your confidence, whether you want to buff a bright color all over your lid or subtly blend it into your lash line.  

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The Royal Color Creator Limitless Palette is the best colorful makeup palette to create vibrant shadow looks. Spice up your shadow with beautiful shades of pink, green, orange, and purple. You can go all out or keep it subtle. Get ready to make your eyes pop!  

Mood: Flirty  

Do you have love on the brain? Pink makeup looks are the best way to let your eyes do all the talking. Pink shadow creates flirty and fun makeup looks, helping you to accentuate your best features, whatever your eye color.  

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You’ll fall head over heels for the Makeup Obsession Pretty in Pink Shadow Palette. This palette has the perfect mix of rosy hues, from soft pinks to pops of fuchsia. Blend over your eyes and release your inner romantic!  

Mood: Edgy

Do you live life on the edge? Grey, silver and black shadows are ideal for creating a bold makeup look that makes a statement. You can smoke out your liner or go dark all over the lid to create some real drama. 

The Revolution Pro Wild Onyx Palette has the perfect smokey shadows to create the ultimate edgy makeup look. The black tones and silver pigments help to create a dramatic eye makeup look, no matter how bold you want to go. Beautiful and badass, here we come!   

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Mood: Glam

Are you in the mood to get your glam on? Glitter and shimmer shades are a great touch to add to your evening makeup to make your eyes shine.  

If you’re looking for the perfect party makeup, then you’ll love the Revolution Pro Ultimate Crystal Shadow Palette. With stunning shades of rose gold, copper and champagne, this is our most glamorous palette yet!  

Swipe your favorite shimmer over the lid and effortlessly create your glam makeup look. Let your eyes sparkle all night long! 

Mood: Chilled 

You don’t always feel like going for a bold or bright makeup look. If you’re feeling zen and chilled, then stick to soft neutral shades to compliment your mood. A nude smokey eye is the ultimate makeup look when you want to look good with little effort.  

The Forever Dynamic Shadow Palette Animal Ego will be your new holy grail if you’re looking to create the best neutral makeup look. We’re firm believers that neutrals don’t have to be boring. This palette offers a gorgeous mix of soft shimmers and earthy browns. Feel relaxed and look flawless! 

Mood: Sultry

Are you getting date night ready? Warm orange, brown and red shades make for the best sultry makeup looks. A red smokey eye is the perfect look for date night and will certainly get hearts racing.  

If you want to create a truly tempting look, then meet the I Heart Revolution Red Velvet Palette. This scrumptious selection of fiery reds and delicious browns will give you seriously seductive eyes. With this palette, there will be no room for dessert.  

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