Y2K Makeup Tutorial

y2k makeup tutorial

If you, like many beauty gurus, have been turning to TikTok for makeup inspo lately, you’ll notice the rise of the y2k makeup look.

Inspired by noughties legends such as Britney, Christina Aguilera, J. Lo, and of course Paris Hilton, this look incorporates everything from bright, pastel shades of shadow to the glossiest lips you ever did see!

Ready to get started? Here’s our ultimate 2000’s makeup tutorial.

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Y2k Makeup Toolkit

To create this y2k makeup look, you’ll need to gather the following:

Step 1 – Prime Your Skin

As with every makeup look you’ll ever do, applying primer is an essential step to ensure your foundation blends seamlessly – and importantly, stays put.

Check out our guide on how best to apply primer for makeup that stays put all day and night:

How To Apply Primer For Truly Smooth Makeup


How To Apply Primer For Truly Smooth Makeup

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2022-04-11 09:15:42By Revolution Beauty

Step 2 – Apply Foundation and Concealer

To achieve the best 2000’s makeup look, you want your base to be natural-looking, and super glowy.

We recommend the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Glow Foundation in your perfect shade. Enriched with brightening Vitamin C, this foundation offers the glowiest finish, leaving skin looking radiant.

Team with the Makeup Revolution Eye Bright Illuminating Under Eye Concealer to help cover dark circles and blemishes. Also formulated with Vitamin C, these two are the ultimate combo to get the radiant glow that the 00’s paved the way for.

Prone to oiliness? Set your base with the best selling Banana Powder – the perfect powder for enhancing that luminosity, while keeping shine under control.

Pink Blush

Pops of candy pink are essentially synonymous with early 2000’s makeup. You could choose the best blush shade to suit your skin tone, but we suggest you go pink (or go home!).

Swipe any of these gorgeous pink-toned blushes over the tops of your cheeks to provide a beautiful, natural flush and that iconic pop of color that simply makes the y2k aesthetic.

Highlight Highlight Highlight

Remember when we said the key to y2k makeup was radiant skin? Take this to the next level with your highlighter!

Apply the Makeup Revolution Bright Light Highlighter to the high points of your face, including cheekbones, browbone, bridge of your nose, cupids bow, and chin. Dab on using the sponge applicator before blending out with your favorite highlighter brush or makeup sponge.

Time to Brow (if You’re Brave Enough)

Big, fluffy brows are the current go-to brow trend, but that doesn’t mean that thinner brows aren’t getting any love. The 90’s-2000’s eyebrow style is experiencing its own revival, currently being rocked by the likes of Bella Hadid, Olivia Rodrigo and Rihanna.

Now, we know that thin y2k brows aren’t for everyone, and we’re not telling you to go off and overpluck your eyebrows (please don’t). However, if you’re keen to try the look, you’ll need a brow pencil in your true shade and a brow gel that’s a shade lighter to set.

How to Create Thinner Brows with Makeup

The key to the perfect early 2000’s eyebrow is to not go too heavy with the product.

Try the Revolution XX XXFine Micro Brow Pencil for ultimate precision. You’ll only want to add a few strokes to fill in any gaps – don’t go crazy!

Then, take your lighter shade of brow gel, and instead of brushing upward, creating a fluffy look, direct your brow hairs outwards and into a thinner line, defining your arch to create that iconic shape while still minimizing volume.

Expert tip: If you’re not sold on the y2k makeup brows, go for your usual eyebrow makeup technique! Let the rest of your early 2000’s inspired makeup look do the talking!

Shimmery Shadow

Here comes the fun part!

Early 2000’s shadow features pretty pastels, often enhanced with a shimmery finish.

When it comes to choosing a shadow color, you can either go with a shade to complement your outfit or a color to make your eyes pop:

How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Eyeshadow


How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Eyeshadow

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Pick out a shade from your chosen shadow palette and apply all over your lid. The creativity is in your hands! You can either blend out the single shade for a monochromatic look or layer multiple shades to create the ultimate pastel dream!

You can leave it matte or ramp up the noughty-ness by adding a pop of shimmer to the middle of your lid, and inner corners of your eye.

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We also recommend applying some shadow to your bottom lash line. Pastel colors are perfect for creating the illusion of bigger eyes.

Here are some of our favorite shadow palettes to get that early 2000’s makeup look.

Embellish the Look

We’re dubbing the 00’s as the ‘decade of the gemstone’ – so why not add them into your y2k makeup look?

Go beyond the efforts of your shadow glitter and use gemstones from the Revolution Creator Artist Embellishment Kit to take your eye look to another y2k aesthetic level! We’re envisioning a line of dainty gems to follow your eye crease, or a simple placement in the inner corners of your eyes.

Need some embellishment ideas? Check out this Euphoria inspired look:

Apply Mascara (or Go for Falsies)

Whether you swear by your falsies or mascara does the trick, for y2k makeup, you want to aim for natural, wispy-looking lashes.

To get that flutter, we recommend the Makeup Revolution Wispy False Lash Mascara, or if you’re going for fake lashes, try the Lenkalul Half Lashes to achieve that sleek, winged look.

Time to Get Glossy

It wouldn’t be a y2k makeup look without the makeup bag essential that defined the 00’s – lip gloss!

Whether you choose a tinted gloss or a clear lipstick topper, we’ve got you covered with our fave lip glosses for the juiciest pout:

The 10 Best Lip Glosses For Juicy Lips


The 10 Best Lip Glosses For Juicy Lips

The Y2K makeup staple is back in business!

2021-10-14 14:16:59By Revolution Beauty

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