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How To Use Makeup Sponges

If you’ve been a hardcore makeup brush advocate for your entire life as a beauty guru, makeup sponges might be completely off your radar. If that’s the case, you’ve been missing out!

At Revolution, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the best way to use your makeup sponge. Perfect for blending, baking and achieving a flawless base, here’s how to use makeup sponges, and our tips and tricks for keeping them clean!

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Benefits of a Face Sponge

First up, let’s discover why blending sponges are so well loved by both professional MUAs and at-home makeup superstars:

  • Offers a Natural Finish – Face sponges are regarded as one of the ultimate tools for achieving that flawless, skin-like finish. Makeup sponges push the product into your complexion rather than move it around your skin, meaning your foundation doesn’t sit on top of the skin. This leaves it look more seamless and natural.
  • Helps You Build Up Coverage – From sheer to full-coverage, applying makeup with a makeup sponge allow you to easily build up the finished base look you’re going for.
  • Avoids a Cakey Finish – There are some days where you go a little heavy handed with your foundation, accidentally using a bit too much product. Due to the absorbency of makeup sponges, they’re actually very handy for removing some of the excess product, without needed to completely restart your face.

Makeup Sponges vs. Brushes – Which are Better?

At Revolution, we’re fans of both makeup sponges and brushes – it’s down to personal preference!

If you’re looking for high precision, and don’t mind that extra time spent blending, then makeup brushes are well suited to the job.

However, if you love a flawless, skin-like finish, try a face sponge! While they do absorb slightly more product than a brush and do require more cleaning, they’re well suited to blend, bake, and build coverage to finesse your base.

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How to Use a Makeup Sponge

New to the world of blending sponges? Follow these steps to get the most out of your makeup sponge.

Step 1 – Wet the Makeup Sponge

Many makeup sponge newbies are surprised to learn that to achieve the best finished makeup look, your sponge needs to be wet.

This helps the sponge absorb less product, meaning there will be less getting wasted.

Step 2 – Squeeze it Out

Once you’ve saturated your blending sponge, it’s time to squeeze it out. You’re aiming for the sponge to feel ‘damp’, so wring out the excess.

Expert Tip: If you usually opt for full coverage, aim for a dryer makeup sponge. Prefer a sheer, dewy finish? You can leave it a little more damp.

Step 3 – Dab, Don’t Drag!

When it comes to applying makeup with a blending sponge, you want to create a bouncy patting action as opposed to dragging product over the skin.

The dabbing helps to push product into your complexion rather than move it over the skin. It’s perfect for building up that coverage and creating that seamless makeup sponge blend that we can’t get enough of!

Either pop some product on the flat end of your sponge and pat into the skin, bouncing the sponge on and off your face, or, apply product directly to your skin and dab it in from there.

How to Use a Makeup Sponge for Concealer

Once you’re happy with your foundation application, it’s time to utilize that makeup sponge for your concealer.

The pointed end of the blending sponge is the perfect shape for patting concealer into the under eyes, helping to cover any dark circles.

Resoak and squeeze your makeup sponge before going in to blend out your concealer.

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How to Use a Makeup Sponge for Setting

To set that base in place, there are a number of ways to use your makeup sponge.

For loose powder, wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess, but leave it very damp. Using the flat side of the makeup sponge, gently take some powder and begin to dab it into the areas you need it.

Expert Tip: Rather than taking too much powder all at once, apply small amounts and build it up. This will help avoid a cakey finish!

If you’re hot on your TikTok makeup trends, you’ll know all about this hack we’re about to share with you! Check out how to use setting spray with your makeup sponge for super long-lasting makeup:

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

As mentioned earlier, blending sponges do tend to retain more product than brushes, so they do require more frequent cleaning to keep them as hygienic as possible. Not to mention, a clean sponge equals an even more flawless finish!

Take our Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner, which, for your convenience, is also perfect for cleansing your blending sponge.

Rinse your sponge in some warm water until it’s fully saturated, then create a small lather by rubbing it in the balm. Rinse again, squeezing out the suds until the water runs clear. Leave to dry thoroughly.


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