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Trend Alert – How To Get The Fluffy Brow Look

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Master the MUA-fave fluffy brow look at home in a few simple steps with Revolution’s expert guide.

What the Fluff?!

Forget painful tweezing sessions and trips to the salon, the brushed-up fluffy brow is a beauty trend that’s here to stay. From red carpets to TikTok tutorials, the feathery phenomenon is famed by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa rocking the look on a regular basis. It’s giving polished, it’s giving put-together… but what exactly is a ‘fluffy’ brow?

It consists of lifting the hairs in an upwards motion to achieve a fuller, defined-hair-stroke finish, with no harsh pomade or pencil filling in sight. Think soft, natural and effortlessly voluptuous brows that channel major ‘clean girl’ vibes. If you’re wondering how to get fluffy brows and crack the coveted makeup minimalist style, keep reading for our expert advice, tips and tricks.

Step 1: Get Grooming

Overplucking is a trend best left in the noughties, but plucking those pesky strays for a groomed look is super important to let your sculpted bushy brow steal the spotlight.

Focus on tackling the hairs that don’t align with the brow start, arch or tail and grow away from the eyebrow itself. Our handy Brow Shaping Set is the perfect accomplice to help you get started.

Step 2: Stick ‘em Up

Tip 1: Now that your eyebrows are prepped and ready, it’s time to grab your trusty spoolie and brush those babies up. Keep sweeping up and out through the hairs until you are happy with the shape of things and pick a clear gel or wax. We recommend our Brow Fix Gel to lift and stick.

Tip 2: Next, make sure your spoolie is well coated in product (don’t be shy, get a good helping of the sticky stuff on there!) and brush it upwards through the hairs so they reach over the eyebrow arch. You should be able to see some skin peeking through between the hairs once everything is combed up.

PSA: A general rule to follow is that fluffy brows are often soft and full in the front and centre with a more tapered tail. Practice makes perfect with a style like this, so don’t worry if yours aren’t looking ten out of ten the first time round!

Expert Tip: If you want a more laminated look, wait a few moments before pressing the product in with your finger to really secure any strays.

Step 3: Fill Your Feather

Tip 1: Defining those perfectly placed hairs is next. Be sure to pick a pencil or pomade brush with a fine tip to create hair-like strokes and fill in any sparse areas. We’ve got you covered with our XXFine Micro Brow Pencil.

Tip 2: Hold the pencil or brush steadily, like you would hold a pen, making light and short strokes from the base of the brow upwards with a flick-like motion. The front of the brow should be less filled and more natural-looking than the end, letting your real hairs take the limelight for a truly fluffy effect.

Tip 3: Finer brows may need a little more TLC to get the full-feathered look, while thick brows might only need a few strokes of colour to bring them to life. Soften any harsh lines by running the spoolie back up through the brows if needed.

Again, practice this skill and figure out what works for you! Soon enough you’ll be mastering the I woke up like this look in no time.

Expert Tip: Have a cotton bud to hand to easily wipe away any mistakes.

Step 4: Snatch and Set

Tip 1: What better way to show off those newly fluffed up brows than to carefully carve them with our IRL Filter Finish Concealer? Use your normal shade and a small, flat brush to apply a light layer of concealer under the brow to define, gently diffusing downwards and blending towards the lid.

Tip 2: For more dazzling drama, dust a shimmery highlighter onto the brow bone for a light-catching finish. Choose an icy white or pearly pigment to give the skin that glass-like glow and contrast the brows to make them pop. Gently sweep the highlighter on with a fluffy precision brush, using light pressure to build up to your preferred level of luminosity.

Expert Tip: Spritz your highlighter brush with a setting spray beforehand for a more intense glow.

For unruly brows, brush our Brow Fixer through to lock them in place and ensure they’ll stay put rain or shine.

Et-voila! Your fluffy brows are finito!

Clean Girl vs That Girl

Not sure where to take your look now that your brows are brushed to the gods? The great thing about a feathery brow is that it pairs perfectly with pretty much every makeup aesthetic. Whether it’s the low-maintenance, ‘bare-faced’ beauty route you’re going down or a full-blown baddie glam, these fool-proof fluffy bad boys are guaranteed to look the part.

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