6 Of The Best Boosting Eye Creams

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You know we love giving you options. Whether it’s our dozens of different serums or our huge range of tonics, we know not everyone’s skin needs the same thing – so why make just one version of a product?

That’s why when developing our Revolution Skincare Eye Boost Creams we decided to make 6, so whether you’re looking for the best eye creams to tone, nourish, brighten, cool, hydrate, or color correct, we have you covered.

The Best Eye Creams

  1. Nourishing Boost Avocado Eye Cream
  2. Hydrating Boost Watermelon Eye Gel
  3. Toning Boost Bakuchiol Eye Cream
  4. Brightening Boost Ginseng Eye Cream
  5. Pigment Boost Eye Cream
  6. Cooling Boost Cucumber Eye Gel

About These Best Eye Creams

1. Best Eye Cream for Dry Skin

Avocado is the key to nourished and softened skin thanks to it being rich in Oleic Acid, whilst still being easily absorbed into the skin to avoid the under-eye area feeling heavy or shiny. Perfect for dry skin types, the Nourishing Eye Boost Cream is rich in Shea Butter, known to soften and condition skin to help prevent dry and flaky under eyes.

2. Best Hydrating Eye Cream

The Hydrating Watermelon Eye Boost Cream provides a burst of refreshing moisture to dehydrated under-eyes. Glycerin acts as a humectant to draw water into the skin, whilst Urea soothes irritated skin and moisturizes to keep it soft and supple, and Squalane provides even more hydration.

3. Best Toning Eye Cream

Bakuchiol is the vegan alternative to Retinol that has similar age-defying benefits without the potential irritation or dryness. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst evening and brightening skin tone. The Bakuchiol Toning Eye Boost Cream is formulated with Grape Seed Oil for beautifully softened skin that feels silky without feeling greasy, and Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter to condition the skin to prevent dry and dull under-eyes.

4. Best Brightening Eye Cream

Ginseng is believed to have brightening and refreshing properties, whilst Niacinamide provides further brightening and helps to even skin tone, leaving your under-eyes looking more revitalized. The Brightening Boost Ginseng Eye Cream is formulated with Shea Butter to soften and condition skin to prevent dry patches and dullness, while Glycerin draws water into the skin for extra hydration.

5. Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Banish dark circles with our pigment fixing Pigment Boost Eye Cream, designed to color correct and treat. It contains Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter to soften skin to avoid dry and dull under-eyes, whilst Jojoba and Castor Seed Oil help to condition. Color correcting pigments work to counteract purple under-eyes to hide those late nights and early mornings.

6. Best Cooling Eye Cream

Put down those Cucumber slices and pick up our Cooling Eye Boost Cream. It’s formulated with refreshing and hydrating Cucumber, Squalene to help keep skin hydrated and moisturized, and Glycerin to draw water into the skin for maximum hydration.

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