Skincare Ampoules: Everything You Need To Know

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Yet another trend inspired by those skin-savvy Koreans, ampoules are like a supercharged version of your favorite serum and contain a higher concentration of actives to help give your skin a potent boost. 

And we know what you’re thinking… “but I’ve only just got my head around retinol and double-cleansing”. But trust us, ampoules are easier to introduce into your routine than you think! 

We’re here to answer all of your questions, to provide you with a clear ampoules definition and to introduce you to the Revolution Skincare 7 Day Skin Plan Ampoules. 

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What are Ampoules?

Perfect for travel or for trialing new ingredients in your routine, ampoules are the high potency, hygienic way to reap the benefits of some of your skin’s favorite ingredients with maximum effect. 

They’re typically designed to use over a week to rebalance or reboot tired skin—just think of them as a 7-day bootcamp for your skin to combat specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, blemishes or uneven texture. 

Ampoules Vs. Serum – What’s the Difference?

Serums are a fantastic way to address certain skin concerns. They’re lightweight and packed with active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s surface and target concerns, promoting healthy skin. 

Ampoules are similar to serums as they offer the same purpose, but, with a much higher concentration of the active ingredients, ampoules can be more effective over a shorter period of time.  

With this in mind, serums are suitable for more regular use, whereas ampoules should be used over a shorter period of time.  

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When to Use Ampoules in Your Skincare Routine 

  • Cleanse with your favorite CLEANSER and lightly exfoliate beforehand with a chemical exfoliant or toner to remove any dead skin cells. This will allow the ampoules to absorb into the skin more efficiently and maximize the benefits. 
  • Follow with your favorite night-time MOISTURIZER. 
  • Repeat daily. 

Just like a serum, AMPOULES complement the products you already have in your beauty arsenal and fit perfectly between cleansing and moisturizing. 

They are designed to use every evening for 7 consecutive days for best results. 

Best Ampoules for Skin

Like a vacay for your skin, the REVOLUTION SKINCARE Ampoules will leave your skin recharged and glowing after just seven days. 

Essentially, we’ve taken our most loved ingredients, increased their potency and divided them into seven daily doses as part of your very own 7-day skin plan. The glass vials dispense precisely the right amount of product for each use. 

Choose from: 

Keep reading to find out which plan is right for you! 

Revolution Skincare Ampoules

Vitamin C 7 Day Brightening Skin Plan Ampoules

If you have dull skin, struggle to find ways to bring back that glow, or you have some pigmentation that you’d like to address, then this is the skin plan for you. Each ampoule contains 10% of pure Vitamin C.

This glow-giving ingredient is known to help to brighten dull complexions, fade pigmentation, and fight off free radicals which lead to premature aging. Win, win.

Salicylic Acid 7 Day Blemish Preventing Skin Plan

Beauty battling breakouts? Meet your new skincare savior. The Salicylic Acid 7 Day Blemish Preventing Skin Plan Ampoules are a must-have for those who struggle with breakouts, congestion and blackheads. Salicylic Acid (a Beta Hydroxy Acid) helps to exfoliate and cleanse the pores and loosen any trapped sebum and dirt, preventing any congestion that may cause blemishes.

We’ve also added Niacinamide to help balance sebum production and reduce redness and Marine Microalgae to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Niacinamide 7 Day Even Skin Plan Ampoules

If oily skin, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture are all on your agenda – then this one is for you. The Niacinamide 7 Day Even Skin Plan Ampoules contain a high concentration of Niacinamide to help smooth and even skin tone, balance sebum production, reduce redness and help with improving skin moisturization to help create a more even skin tone and texture.

Added Sen’s Flower Extract and Boswellic Acids (derived from frankincense) help to soothe and calm angry skin. The result? Visibly balanced and calm skin.

If you’re still not sure on which 7 Day Skin Plan Ampoules are right for you, head over to @REVOLUTIONSKINCARE and tell us your skin type, concerns and goals and our team will help you find the right plan for you. 

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