What Is Your Makeup Aesthetic?

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With so many makeup trends out there to discover, it’s only natural that some looks will leave more of a lasting impression on you than others. However, with the abundance of aesthetics available, sometimes it can be a little tricky to decipher the many nuances between them – maybe you’ve been confusing your cold girl makeup with your glowy skin.

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But don’t panic! We’re here to break it down for you and help you discover which aesthetic truly speaks to you. We’ll also walk you through how to achieve these stunning looks, ‘cos we’re not here to gatekeep. So, read on to discover the makeup aesthetic of your dreams!

Whimsical For The Win: Coquette Aesthetic

It’s fun, flirty and hyper-feminine: the coquette makeup aesthetic has dominated our social media feeds recently, and it’s safe to say that this flushed look is here to stay. If it’s good enough for the cast of Bridgerton, it’s good enough for us!

The name may sound a little archaic (and it is: coquette is derived from the seventeenth-century French word for flirtatious), but it’s closely linked to some of our fave modern aesthetics. A close cousin of the monochromatic makeup aesthetic and a distant relative of cottagecore, coquette makeup prioritises soft pink shades – everywhere! On the eyes, lips and cheeks for a flushed look that strikes an irresistible and romantic tone.

So, if this flirtatious fantasy is your kinda thing, read on to discover how to craft the cutest coquette makeup look.


How To Get The Coquette Aesthetic

Leave the bright fuchsias and corals for the E-Girl look, we want subtle and seductive here.

Sweep a natural pink or peach-toned blush across your cheeks and eyelids, and pair it with a similar shade on your lip. Our Ultra Blush Palette – Sugar & Spice is our go-to blush palette for this look. Stunningly pigmented, easy to blend and available in a range of natural tones, this palette is perfect for our coquette look.

We love pairing the coquette makeup aesthetic with generous sweeps of highlight across the high points of the face and a dark brown smudge of eyeliner to infuse it with some sophistication. Our Kohl Eye Liner and Highlight Reloaded is the ideal duo to enhance the flirt factor of this look.

Expert Tip! If you’re into the natural rosiness of the coquette aesthetic but looking to take it down a notch, the winter makeup aesthetic might be for you! Also known as ‘cold girl’ makeup, this look champions soft matte skin. Add a subtle peachy blush on the perimeters of your face and pair with a neutral eye.

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The Best Of Both Worlds: Glam Grunge Aesthetic

If you’re all about the 90s vibe (we’re talking chokers, plaid shirts and miniskirts), the glam grunge makeup aesthetic is the one for you. It’s the perfect combo of edgy, smoky and sultry. This look features a dark, wine-toned lip, paired-back skin and a smoky eye to convey a slept-in, effortless aesthetic.

So, if you’re interested in embracing your inner punk and putting a seductive, vampy slant on this gothic gorgeousness, grab your falsies, fave black lipstick and let’s get going!


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How To Get The Glam Grunge Aesthetic

The glam grunge aesthetic focuses on those smoky eyes: they’re the last word in smudgy, edgy perfection. Start with blending taupe and brown tones over your eyelid before deepening the outer corners with a matte black shade. Bring these shades onto your lower lash line for that alluring, cat-eye moment.

To add the grunge element, blend your smoky eye out further with a dark maroon or deep wine tone – this will truly help to infuse your look with that gorgeous 90s aesthetic. Finish your eyes with a swipe of mascara and your favorite false lashes.

Our Forever Flawless Shadow Palette Bare Pink is basically grunge in a single product. The combination of berry and brown tones is ideal for achieving a glam grunge makeup aesthetic.

Complete this look with a wine-toned lip and bushy brows. The School For Good & Evil X Revolution Lipstick and Extra Hold Brow Glue are our top picks here.

Expert Tip! Darker lip shades require the steadiest of hands, so prevent any pesky smudges by outlining your lips with a lipliner of a matching shade – or a slightly darker shade if you’re into an ombre lip!

Less Is More: Natural Makeup

If the grunge glam and coquette makeup looks aren’t speaking to you aesthetically, and you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, natural makeup aesthetic may be your way forward. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and is the ideal look for those casual days when you don’t feel like spending hours in front of your makeup mirror.

If you’re looking for a slightly elevated take on the natural makeup trend, the vanilla girl aesthetic embraces cream and liquid bronzers and pearly gold shimmery eyeshadow for a warmer glow.

How To Get The Natural Aesthetic

We’re going to forego foundation for the natural makeup aesthetic. Instead, use skin tints, cream blushes and liquid highlighters, as these versatile products will deliver soft washes of color thanks to their natural finishes and subtle pigmentation. We’ve found that the Superdewy Tinted Moisturizer is our go-to base product for that effortless glow, and pairing it with our Superdewy Liquid Blush and Pro Goddess Glow Cream Highlighter are the holy-grail products of the natural makeup aesthetic!

Add the finishing touches with a clear brow gel, a swipe of mascara and a glossy lip (courtesy of our Glaze Lip Oil, of course!) and there you have it! A natural makeup that promises all-day radiance, and your new go-to makeup aesthetic!

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Now we have outlined the ins and outs of our fave makeup looks and trends, you know exactly what you need to embrace your new aesthetic!

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