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3 Bold Graphic Liner Looks

Wanting to add that extra edge to your makeup look? Why not try some graphic eyeliner? One of the biggest makeup trends this year, we have curated our 3 favorite and most bold graphic eyeliner looks for you to try out!

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How To do Graphic Eyeliner: Our 3 favorite Graphic Eyeliner Looks

Classic and Clear-Cut: Black and White Cut Crease

black and white graphic eyeliner look

We love this black and white winged graphic eyeliner look for a more classic and totally wearable take on the graphic eyeliner trend, here’s how to recreate the look –

Step 1: Using your Liner Pow Liquid Eyeliner extend a flick from the outer corner of the eye. The further you extend the line, the bolder your wing will be.

Step 2: Now bring the liner over the lash line. When you reach three-quarters of the way along, bend your line and bring the liner back over the crease towards your inner corner, creating a ‘c’ shape.

Step 3: Apply the liner to connect the tip of the wing to the line you’ve created along your crease.

Step 4: And that’s the hard bit complete. Now just fill in the shape you’ve created with more of the Liner Pow Liquid Eyeliner until you have achieved full richness in color.

Expert Tip: Dip the Makeup Revolution Create Define & Fill Brow Brush R1 into your favorite concealer and use this to clean up any wobbles or smudges for a super sharp finish.

Step 5: To add your final touch, apply the Relove Kohl Eyeliner White to highlight to top of your wing. Graphic eyeliner look, complete!

Bold and Brave: Red Cut Crease

red graphic eyeliner look

This look is a great way to create a bold statement in a few simple steps. Here’s how to add a vibrant pop of color to your makeup repertoire.

Step 1: First of all, apply the Liner Pow Liquid Eyeliner create your signature wing, and you’re already halfway there. Simple right?

Step 2: To add your pop of color, we have the perfect palette! The Creator SFX Face Paint Palette is perfect to add a bit of fun to your vibe.

Simply choose the ‘red’ shade and follow the line of the wing using the Makeup Revolution Create Define & Fill Brow Brush R1 for perfect precision.

Step 3: Glide the color over the line of the eyelid crease to around three-quarters of the way. Tapering this towards the end gives a sophisticated, sleek look.

Step 4: To finish off your look, use the Makeup Revolution Create Define & Fill Brow Brush R1 to fill in the color for the best impact.

Soft and Sultry: Aqua Waves

blue graphic eyeliner look

This look is a great way to make a graphic eyeliner soft and glamorous. And who hasn’t fallen in love with ‘aqua’ shade, we’re obsessed!

Step 1: Apply the Makeup Revolution Kohl Eye Liner in wave-like shape, sweeping over the eyelid crease, flicking the line out to mimic a wing shape

PSA: The wing shape does wonders to elongate the eye, adding to that sleek, intense look.

Step 2: Using the same eyeliner mirror the same wave-like shape, but now on the lower lash line.

Expert tip: Don’t worry about being super precise with this look, as you are going for a more smudgy, blown-out appearance.

Step 3: Once you’ve created these guidelines, you can now start to soften the lines using the Relove Brush Queen Detailed Eye Brush.

Step 4: Ensure the tapered ends of the flicks remain sharp to maintain the graphic eyeliner feel. To do this, use the Makeup Revolution Create Define & Fill Brow Brush R1 and a touch of concealer to seal the deal!

Elevate Your Eyeliner

Still wanting to elevate your eyeliner? We’ve got two easy hacks to take your makeup to the next level.

Tip 1: To amp up the glam, a lick of the Makeup Ultimate Lights Chromatic Liner across the top line of your winged eyeliner, can add that extra sparkle and drama you were looking for.

Tip 2: There’s no better way to take your graphic eyeliner look from day-to-night, than to add a pair of statement lashes!

The Makeup Revolution 5D Cashmere Faux Mink Lashes – Glam Lashes are a must-have to give you that extra little oomph.

Expert Tip: Add a lick of Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara to blend your natural lashes to the faux ones, this will give you a really seamless, clean look.

You’ll be looking like a makeup pro!

And those were our favorite graphic eyeliner looks we love! From both classic and colorful styles to suit every occasion!

We would love to see you rocking these looks, so be sure to tag us in your snatched snaps @makeuprevolution.

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