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How to Pack Makeup for Travel Like a Pro

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Wondering how to pack makeup for travel? It is all too easy to over-pack your travel makeup bag with everything you own to make sure you are covered for every eventuality, but the truth is, there are only a few staple products you need to master your holiday glow – and we’ve got the answers!

What Makeup to Pack for Travel

When it comes to holiday makeup, we love to keep it quick and easy so you can get out the door and enjoy the sunshine as soon as possible. So, discover our travel makeup must-haves:

Tinted Moisturizer

We know foundations can often go cakey and separate when contending with the sun, sweat and SPF, so, a lightweight, blendable formula is necessary, and tinted moisturizer is just that.

One layer is perfect for that natural, beachy look that lets your skin breathe, holiday is all about embracing your natural glow, right?

But don’t worry, you can always build up more coverage for an evening out.


A concealer is another must-have in any travel makeup bag. Perfect for a barely-there makeup look, a little extra coverage helps to disguise blemishes and brighten the under eyes.

In hot climates, we recommend keeping a concealer on-hand throughout the day for touch-ups, to stay beach or club ready 24/7.

Pressed Powder

For anyone who likes to set their makeup, a pressed powder is the perfect product to keep your makeup looking flawless all night long.

Compact in size, this product is not only makeup bag friendly but also perfect to pop in your clutch for any top-ups throughout the day, evening, or even on your flight.


It’s not a holiday glam without a beautiful, bronzed glow. Whether you opt for a cream or powder formula, a bronzer adds dimension to the face and adds to that flawless, vacation glow! To pack a little lighter, why not double up your bronzer as a gorgeous eyeshadow? Using the same shade on your cheeks and lids will pull your look together perfectly!


Blush is also a must for your travel makeup bag, adding a flushed, sun-kissed finish to the complexion.

Expert Tip: We’re obsessed with a cream blush at the moment, oh, and its creamy formula allows the product to double up as a lip color too – space saver alert!

Brow Gel

If you want that no-makeup makeup look, a clear brow gel is the key. Perfect for a beach day, you can enhance the texture of your natural brow, to give definition without needing any additional product.

Lip Gloss

Nothing says vacation more than a glossy shimmer on the lips! Lacquer your pout in your favorite shade and you’re good to go!

Body Illuminator

That’s enough about the face, but don’t forget to give your body some love too. A body illuminator acts as a liquid highlighter for the skin and gets your vacation glow on lock.

Remember, a little goes a long way, so, apply a couple of drops to the shoulders and decolletage and massage in to give the illusion of beautifully nourished, healthy complexion.

How to Pack Makeup for Travel

Choosing what to pack in your makeup bag is half the battle – now you’ve got to figure out how to pack it! We have a few tips and tricks for how to pack makeup for travel.

Leave Damaged Products at Home

Don’t start your trip with a broken eyeshadow palette. Pack powders tightly and squeeze the air out of bottles or tubes to minimize the risk of damage.

Expert Tip: When you’re packing up your makeup, set all the liquids aside. Remove the lids, and place a little cling film over each nozzle, once you secure the lid back on top, you have that extra layer of protection against any leaks – thank us later!

Keep Your Makeup Bag Cushioned

Place your makeup bag in the center of the suitcase to prevent shock and spill. To make it even safer, wrap the bag in a sweater or towel to keep the bag cushioned in case of any disturbance.

When packing creams or liquids, make sure you have a clear, wipeable bag to store your products. An easy-to-clean makeup bag is essential to deal with any unexpected leaks.

How to Pack Makeup Brushes for Travel

Yep, you read that correctly. Makeup brushes take up SO MUCH space in your travel makeup bag, and we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to pack a different brush for each step of your makeup routine.

Choose one essential face brush, an eyeshadow brush and a powder brush if you prefer to apply powders over creams – and that’s it, don’t overcomplicate and overpack with a ‘just in case’ mindset.

PSA: To achieve a glowy, natural makeup look (which we are all LOVING), brushes aren’t your only option.

We keep it super simple, and blend using a makeup sponge and let our fingertips do the rest – trust us, it’s a game changer!

Makeup Brushes


So, that completes our guide on how to pack makeup for travel! The trick is to keep things minimal and pack your makeup products correctly to avoid any damage or spillages.

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