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How To Get Shiny Hair with Bond Plex

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Always thought that celeb-worthy glossy locks were unachievable? It’s time to welcome the Revolution Bond Plex range into your hair care routine!

Discover how to use our step-by-step collection of shiny hair products to promote a mirror-like glossy sheen that the stars pay hundreds for!

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Why is Your Hair Dull?

Dull hair can look flat and lifeless. It often lacks moisture, body and shine leaving it looking truly lackluster. Some of the potential causes of dull hair include:

  • Diet – The nutrients in our food impact your entire body – including your hair! If you’re not eating a healthy balanced diet, it can take its toll on your hair.
  • Too much sunlight – Like our skin, too much sunlight without protection can cause hair damage which leaves strands feeling dry and looking dull.
  • Heated styling – Similarly, styling your hair without using heat protection can frazzle strands, leading hair to lose its shine.
  • Using the wrong products – It’s true, everyone’s hair is different. If your hair type is naturally duller than others, you may need to switch up your hair care routine to help inject some glossiness into your locks. This is where Bond Plex comes in!
How To Fix Damaged Hair With Bond Plex

How to

How To Fix Damaged Hair With Bond Plex

It’s time for a good hair day with Revolution’s Hair Plex range!

2022-03-14 09:34:11By Revolution Beauty

How to Get Shiny Hair – 5-Step Routine

It’s time to discover how to brighten dull hair with the Revolution Bond Plex range.

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate glossy hair care routine to banish those lackluster locks once and for all!

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Step 1 – Apply a Pre-Wash Glossy Hair Treatment (Plex 3)

You may think that shampoo and conditioner are enough to achieve that mirror shine. If you have hair that’s on the duller side, you may need a few extra steps in your routine to get the sheen you’re after!

A pre-wash glossy hair treatment is the first step to banishing the dullness and welcoming shiny hair!

The Hair Plex 3 Bond Restore Treatment is the perfect hair treatment to apply just before washing. It’s fortified with a hair-loving plant protein system to enrich locks, alongside conditioning agents to promote softness and smoothness.

How to use: Once or twice a week, apply to towel-dried hair and leave for 10-15 minutes to work its magic. It can also be used as an overnight treatment if you’re looking for some serious shine! Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2 – Wash with a Restoring Shampoo (Plex 4)

When it comes to shampoo, there are so many formulations out there. If you struggle with dull, lifeless hair, you might be using the wrong product!

The Hair Plex 4 Bond Plex Shampoo is designed with the goal of healthy-looking, shiny hair in mind. The combination of Provitamin B5 and conditioning agents targets each layer of hair fibres, working to deeply cleanse while strengthening and smoothing strands.

How to use: Rinse hair with warm water and apply the Bond Plex shampoo. Massage gently from root to end before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 3 – Smooth Through a Moisturizing Conditioner (Plex 5)

Conditioner is one of the key hair care routine steps to keeping locks feeling soft and silky. Hydrated strands often mean glossy, shiny hair, so this certainly isn’t a stage to skip!

The Hair Plex 5 Bond Plex Conditioner contains the same triple weight, plant protein formula as the rest of the Bond Plex range, meaning that not only does it hydrate and soften hair, but it also strengthens and restores. Its unique blend of conditioning agents promotes the glossiest finish, ensuring locks are moisturized and super sleek.

How to use: Apply to the ends and mid-lengths of your hair. Comb through to ensure every strand is coated before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Optional Step – Apply a Fortifying Hair Mask (Plex 9)

If you’re looking to give your hair some extra oomph, a hair mask can deliver an extra boost of hydrating hair-loving ingredients to promote shiny hair.

The Hair Plex 9 Bond Restore Hydra Mask offers intensive hydration to help combat dull, dry strands. The journey to glossy hair just got easier with this unique formulation of Amino Acids and Ceramides to help enhance hair’s softness and shine.

How to use: Squeeze the moisture out of hair and apply the hair mask (it’s important to squeeze out the excess water from length to help the mask cling to strands better!). Comb through hair to ensure each strand receives that boosted hydration. Leave to work for at least 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 4 – Protect Hair Before Styling (Plex 6 and 7)

It’s common knowledge that heated styling can cause real damage to your locks if you don’t use the right protection. As part of our Bond Plex range, we’ve developed two super protective products to help you style with confidence!

An added bonus? These nourishing products can help support your journey to glossy hair!

First up, use the Hair Plex 6 Bond Restore Styling Cream on towel-dried hair. The powerful combination of Phytantriol and Provitamin B5 work to keep hair hydrated and healthy while keeping it protected during the styling process. The result? Healthy-looking, shiny hair!

How to use: Apply a small amount of product to the mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Style as desired.

For an added boost of protection, follow up with a spritz of Hair Plex 7 Bond Restore Styling Spray.

Suitable for use on wet or dry hair, this heat protection spray is enriched with the same triple molecular weight protein cascade system to target different layers of the hair fibre helping to repair and strengthen damage from within.

How to use: Before styling, spritz onto wet or dry hair for added protection. It can also be used in between washes for extra conditioning!

Step 5 – Treat Hair with a Nourishing Oil (Plex 8)

The final step to mastering the art of sleek, shiny hair is treating your finished look with a few drops of hair oil. Not only does it help control any flyaways, but it’s a great way to add one final boost of shine to your locks!

The Haircare 8 4D Restore Oil is designed to silken dry, dull hair. This multitasking formula of concentrated Pracaxi Seed and Babassu Oils seeps into the hair fibres, helping to soften and strengthen from within, leading to a healthy-looking, mirror-like sheen.

How to use: Smooth a few drops of hair oil into wet or dry hair. As well as completing an already styled look, this hair oil is also great to use before heat as it helps to retain strength and moisture.

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