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How To Get Shiny Hair with Bond Plex

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If you think that celeb-worthy hair is only achievable after spending hours in a salon, think again! Banish any trace of dryness or damage from your tresses and achieve enviable glossiness with our Revolution Bond Plex Range. This heavenly collection of expertly formulated products is designed to tackle every step of your haircare routine, nourishing your locks from root to tip.

So, if your tresses are feeling a little lackluster, we’ll walk you through how to get shiny hair and make dull hair a thing of the past.

Why is My Hair So Dull?

We all know that the battle against dull hair can be a daily headache, but what exactly makes your hair look and feel so lifeless? Don’t stress, bestie – we’re here to help you get to the root of the problem:

Diet – A diet lacking in certain nutrients can take a serious toll on your hair, leaving it feeling lifeless and limp.

Sunlight – As much as we love soaking up those rays, exposure to sunlight without the right protection can result in fried and frizzy hair.

Heated Styling – Styling your hair without using heat protection can leave your strands feeling parched and brittle.

Using the Wrong Products – Everyone’s hair is different. You may be lathering your tresses in weekly hair masks and treatments, but if they aren’t suited to your specific hair type or texture, they may not be the best solution.

How to Get Shiny Hair – 5-Step Routine

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It’s time to discover how to brighten dull hair with the Revolution Bond Plex range.

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate silky haircare routine to revitalize those lackluster locks once and for all!

Step 1 – Apply a Pre-Wash Glossy Hair Treatment (Plex 3)

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Nowadays, our haircare routine doesn’t just start with shampoo – a pre-wash treatment is a must. Fortified with hair-loving plant proteins and conditioning agents to enrich your locks, the Hair Plex 3 Bond Restore Treatment is the ideal product to apply for the ultimate hair makeover.

How to Use: Apply to towel-dried hair one to two times a week and leave for ten to fifteen minutes to allow the product to work its magic. Rinse thoroughly.

Expert Tip: If you’re partial to some nocturnal nourishment and wondering how to get shiny hair overnight, our Bond Restore can be used as an intensive repairing treatment. Silk hair scrunchies and ties can keep your hair secured in a protective style while you sleep, whether you’re using a hair mask or not.

Step 2 – Remedy Dull Hair with a Restoring Shampoo (Plex 4)

Finding your perfect shampoo match can be a journey. However, locking down your ideal formula can be the key to repairing damaged hair and breathing new life into tired tresses.

The Hair Plex 4 Bond Plex Shampoo is designed to remedy dull hair and leave you with a headful of healthy-looking and luscious locks. Enriched with provitamin B5 and conditioning agents, our Bond Plex Shampoo targets each hair fiber, strengthening and smoothing strands.

How to Use: After rinsing hair with warm water, massage the Bond Plex shampoo from your roots to your tips. Wash out thoroughly.

Step 3 – Smooth Through a Moisturizing Conditioner (Plex 5)

By now, your hair should be feeling oh-so-lovely and deeply cleansed, but we’ve still got a few steps left:

The crowning jewel of hydrating hair treatments, our Hair Plex 5 Bond Plex Conditioner promises to leave your tresses feeling quenched and silky. Repairing damaged hair can be a process, but with ingredients like phytantroil and provitamin B5, the Bond Plex Conditioner is here to make it much simpler for you.

How to use: After shampooing, apply to the ends and mid-lengths of your hair. Comb through to ensure every strand is coated before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Optional Step – Apply a Fortifying Hair Mask (Plex 9)

If you’re looking to give your hair some oomph, a hair mask can deliver an extra boost of TLC (‘cos we all need a little more of that from time to time!).

The Hair Plex 9 Bond Restore Hydra Mask offers intensive hydration to help combat dull and dry strands. The expert blend of amino acids and ceramides to help enhance your hair’s softness and leave it blindingly shiny and sumptuous.

How to Use: Apply the hair mask to towel-dried hair. Comb through to ensure each strand receives optimal hydration. Leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Expert Tip: For the curly-haired cuties among you, we recommend using a curly hair comb to distribute the product evenly and leave your curls, waves and coils glowing.

Step 4 – Protect Hair Before Styling (Plex 6 and 7)

With the cleansing part of your routine complete, it’s time to get styling! Before we unleash any heat with a blow dryer, it’s crucial to protect your hair.

For us, there’s no better choice than the Hair Plex 6 Bond Restore Styling Cream to rescue your lengths from the heat damage that threatens to transform silky lengths to brittle and dull hair.

How to Use: Apply a small amount of product to the mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Style as desired.

For an added boost of protection, our Hair Plex 7 Bond Restore Styling Spray acts as a powerful partner to the styling cream. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, a generous spritz is a surefire way of repairing damaged hair.

Enriched with a triple molecular protein cascade system to target every layer of each strand, the Bond Restore Styling Spray is the solution if you were wondering how to make hair silky and shiny at home.

How to Use: Before styling, spray onto wet or dry hair for added protection. It can also be used in between washes for extra conditioning.

Step 5 – Treat Hair with a Nourishing Oil (Plex 8)

The final step to mastering the art of sleek and shiny hair is treating your finished look to a few drops of hair oil. Not only does it help to control any flyaways, but it’s the best hydrating hair treatment your tresses could ask for.

The Haircare 8 4D Restore Oil is designed to silken dry, dull hair. This multitasking formula combines pracaxi seed and babassu oils to help soften and strengthen from within.

How to Use: Smooth a few drops into wet or dry hair.

Expert Tip: As well as completing an already styled look, this hair oil is also great to use before heat as it helps to retain strength and moisture.


And there you have it – that’s how to get shiny hair and red-carpet-ready locks, all from the comfort of your own home!

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It’s time for a good hair day with Revolution’s Hair Plex range!

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