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This Halloween we’ve got you covered. Our new Game of Thrones collection is perfect to give you the inspiration you need to get creative this spooky season.

Here are just a few ways for you to elevate your usual Halloween look into something a bit different this autumn.

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Look 1 – The Dark Raven

Kicking our Game of Thrones inspired Halloween look of with a bang, we have The Dark Raven. This look is a perfect way to dive into costume makeup without the special effects. The use of shadow takes your look from 0-100 in just a few simple steps.

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Step 1 – Apply Your Base

This look is all about the eyes, so first things first, it’s essential to use your Makeup Revolution Prime & Lock Eye Primer to help achieve long-lasting, crease proof eyes.

To get started on this look, give yourself a blank canvas and begin by creating a flawless base using our IRL Filter Longwear Foundation (available in various shades) and Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (available in various shades). These products will give you the full coverage needed to keep you looking glam all night long.

Step 2 – Get Your Shadow Looking Smokey

Start by taking shade ‘Claw’ from the Mother of Dragons Forever Flawless Shadow Palette and pack that color onto your lid using our Revolution X Game of Thrones 3 Eyed Raven Brush Set. The most suitable brush would be the tapered shadow brush.

Once you have got the pigment placed all over the eye area, begin diffusing this shadow down past your under eye onto each cheek. Also blend this down each side of the nose, using this to contour your nose into a slim, tapered shape.

You can also use shade ‘Khal’ to blend round the edges of the shadow to give a more blown out appearance.

Step 3 – The Technical Bit!

Using the shade ‘Claw’ again, begin to draw some vertical lines irregularly both above and below your smokey eye. These lines give the impression of the Iron Throne.

Step 4 – Bring the Darkness to Life

To give your face some more dimension, use the lighter shade ‘Essos’, also in our Mother of Dragons forever flawless shadow palette, to highlight your brow bone and down the centre of the nose.

Be sure to also add highlights around the outer edge of the black shadow to create a seamlessly blended gradient effect. Is there anything better than the perfect blend?

The black shadow can also be buffed down the neck to add an extra level of Halloween spookiness to the look.

Step 5 – Add Some Sparkle!

Now for the fun part! Our Game of Thrones makeup collections also includes the ultimate Shadow Bomb Set! Available in various shades, these allow you to finish off your look with a touch of sparkle.

Start free handing some flecks over the top of the makeup and down the neck area. Any shade would be suitable for this look, but we definitely recommend the gold or silver to add something bright and bold.

Expert Tip: Hold the Shadow Bomb at a small distance away from your face to ensure small flecks rather than large splodges as you want the dramatic eye to stand out from the rest.

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

Add our Matte Bomb in shade Arya to the lip to add an injection of color. Finish the lips off by adding our Revolution X Game Of Thrones Renaissance Flick Raven Black Liner to draw a line through the center of the lip.

Look 2 – Dragon Queen

This icy Dragon Queen look is a great way to dip your toes into costume makeup without sacrificing glitz and glamour. This look gives a nod to the Dragon Queen without needing too much technical skill.

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Step 1 – Create a Flawless Base

As always, a flawless base is essential and will set the tone for the rest of the makeup.

Using our Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Primer to prep the skin hydrates and leaves a glassy finish.

Next, reach for your IRL Filter Longwear Foundation and the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer to highlight your t-zone in a lighter shade.

Complete your base using our bronzing and blusher options to contour. We suggest the Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer and our Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded in shade Ballerina as the perfect combination.

Leave the base to set for 2-5 minutes, then you’re good to go.

Step 2 – Apply the Signature Ice Queen Brow

To achieve a white brow, get some white liquid shadow onto a brow brush and comb through. Any mess can be cleaned up with touch of concealer.

This step can be skipped for those wanting a more subtle look, as the white brow will intensify the look to the next level.

Step 3 – Create A Blue Frost On the Eyes

Start by opening up your Revolution X Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Forever Flawless Shadow Palette and dive into shade ’White Raven’ to set the base.

Start blending the colors ‘Wolfs Blood’ and ‘Winterfell’ into the crease of your eyelids, blending from the corner of the eye, along the crease, and to the end of the brow. This sweeping shape creates a dramatic cat eye.

Diffuse this using our tapered shadow brush in our Game of Thrones brush collection.

Once fully blended, use the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Concealer in a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone to carve out the crease. The small sponge helps to quickly and accurately define the eye with 0 fuss, because who has time for that!

Now your eye should have an elongated, flicked out appearance.

Go back in with shade ‘White Raven’ to set the concealer and to blend with ease as you start adding shades ‘Wolfs Blood’, ‘Coloness’, and sparkle shades ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Motto’, to the lower half of the lid. Carefully blend this out with a smaller shadow brush from our GoT collection to blend with precision.

And finally, start creating the signature flick with our Revolution X Game of Thrones Renaissance Flick Raven Black Liner to add the wow factor – the bigger the better!

Step 4 – More is More!

Use our Revolution X Game of Thrones ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ Matte Bomb on the lips to balance out the gorgeous frosty eyes with a statement. You can even use the black eyeliner to add extra beauty spots.

Look 3 – Dragon Queen Extreme

Although this look is a bit more technical, it will definitely have your Halloween party guests in awe!

GAME OF THRONES @crystalbruises

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Step 1 – Ace The Base

As with all other looks, a clean and prepped base to work from is a must. To do this, our Ceramides Moisturising Lotion will be your best friend before applying heavy makeup to last all night.

Build up your skin with Revolution Creator SFX White Base Matte Foundation, apply this evenly all over the face. Remember to set this with our Revolution Beauty Revolution Mini Baking Powder Translucent to keep the white base looking as crisp as possible.

Expert Tip: Use our Revolution X Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Blender for extra ease when blending out your base. This will ensure an even base without looking cakey.

Step 2 – Time to Contour

Following the contours of your face, build lines with light blue shadow, for example shade ‘Wolfs Blood’ from Revolution X Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Forever Flawless Shadow Palette.

Keep using the shades from this palette to go over these lines with a darker blue shade ‘Winterfell’ to build depth and dimension. Use a more precise brush from our GoT brush collection help you get the best results.

Step 3 – Optional Step for The Brave Amongst You… Add the Horns!

This step literally elevates the look to the next level.

Don’t be alarmed! These special effects aren’t as scary as they look. It’s all about getting crafty.

All you have to do is mould some horns (about 5-10) to fit your face with using moulding clay, papier-mâché, or any other DIY method you can think of, and use special effects glue to attach these to the face.

Once settled, these can be painted in the same Revolution Creator SFX White Base Matte Foundation and blue shadows used on the face, focussing on the base of each horn.

Step 4 – Add Depth, Depth, and More Depth!

Emphasize underneath the cheekbone by painting this out in our Shadow Bomb in the shade black. This step can be repeated within the corners of the face and around the eyes, creating a ‘3’ shape on each side of the face.

To emphasize the eyes, use the Revolution X Game of Thrones Renaissance Flick Raven Black Liner and shadow in shade ‘Claw’ from the Mother of Dragons Forever Flawless Shadow Palette to intensify the black and set this into place.

Step 5 – Add a Touch of Frost

Add highlights of white throughout to brighten up the face and give that frosty, Ice Queen appearance, using shade ‘White Raven’ for extra drama.

Step 6 – Complete the Look

Complete with a black lip, a touch of ‘Motto’ (Revolution X Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Forever Flawless Shadow Palette) on the center of your eyelid, some big lashes and you’re good to go.

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All videos on our Insta will show you our amazing influencers bringing these looks to life – check these out here @makeuprevolution.

All three of these looks will get you set for the spooky season. Why not also check our limited-edition Game of Thrones Velvet Makeup Bag to store all of your goodies?

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