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Wanting to go all out with your Halloween makeup ideas this year? Well, this one’s for you!

Follow along for our tips and tricks on how to achieve these three spooky Halloween makeup looks using our spookiest makeup ranges!

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Look 1 – Creepy Clown

halloween clown makeup


To kick off our looks, we have our Halloween Clown makeup tutorial. This look gives a spooky vibe whilst also keeping it glam if you’re partying with friends.

In just a few easy steps, this creepy Halloween makeup look is yours for the taking!

Step 1 – Base and Brows

To ease yourself in, simply apply your base to provide a flawless canvas to build on.

We recommend opting for a fuller coverage foundation for any Halloween makeup look to ensure the color that lay on top are bright and bold.

Step 2 – Start on Your Smoky Eye

To complete the smoky eye, dive into the Revolution Cosmic Trip Forever Flawless Shadow Palette in shade ‘Infinite’ and ‘Trip’ and blend this through the crease. Blow this out onto the brow bone to ensure ultimate depth and darkness.

A dramatic eye is key to unlock the spookiness of this look, and adding liner is the perfect way to do just that. Add the Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set to the look, starting at the corner of the eye, over the crease and flick this out at the end to give a dramatic cat eye effect.

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Step 3 – Add Some Big Lashes

Of course, we can’t forget a lovely pair of big, fluffy lashes to complete the look. These lashes will add an extra bit of depth and darkness.

Expert Tip: A lick of the Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara will be your best friend when it comes to making your lashes blend seamlessly into your natural ones.

Step 4 – Blend Out the Shadow

Now, this step will bring your Creepy Clown to life.

Use the same shades you used on your eyelid, and blend into a triangular shape above and below each eye. Diffuse the edges to give a smokier look.

A touch of shadow at the end of the nose is essential to pull it all together. Emulating that infamous clown nose is such a simple but effective way to nod to the character.

Step 5 – Finish the Eyes with a Cut Crease

Using the Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set used for the cut crease, choose shade ‘White’ and add two small balls on the top of the triangles created above the eyes.

Step 6 – Add a Statement Lip

Last but not least, finish up with a statement lip.

For this one, it’s best to outline your lips first to give you that sharp, extending smile that’s sure to send shivers down your spine. You can easily do this with a small definer brush and the ‘Black’ shade from the Creator SFX Face Paint Palette.

Then for the fun bit! Fill it in with black Midnight Kiss Lipstick and watch the look come to life. Add highlights of white to add dimension and you’re good to go!

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Look 2 – Vampire Vixen

halloween vampire makeup


Next up we have our vampire look, this one is all about the lashes, and who can ignore that gorgeous gradient lip!

To find out how to perfect this Vampire Vixen Halloween makeup look, follow along.

Step 1 – Apply the Base

Like all of these Halloween looks, it’s best to apply your tried-and-tested base to set yourself off on the right foot.

Expert Tip: If you want to look extra spooky, apply a white foundation on your t-zone area to add that extra pale appearance. Going a shade darker with your contour is also a great way get that classic gaunt Halloween vibe.

Step 2 – Let Mission Smoky Eye Commence!

When it comes to creating the perfect Vampire eye, you need to take shade ‘Blood’ and ‘Khaleesi’ from the Revolution X Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons Forever Flawless Shadow Palette and loosely diffuse this all over the lid, onto the brow bone and across the lower lash line.

Once blended, bring in a darker shade like ‘House Blackfyre’ from the same palette and apply this accurately in the crease area. To ensure you keep a defined shape.

Bring this shade onto the lower lash line and diffuse in a similar fashion.

Step 3 – A Touch of Sparkle

Now, even in spooky season, who can shy away from a bit of sparkle?

Add a touch of glitter on the eyelids using the Makeup Revolution Carnival of Curiosity Shadow Palette in shade ‘Bazaar’, to add a bit of glam and to brighten the eye.

Step 4 – Go Wild with Winged Liner

Using the Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set in shade ‘Black’, apply your winged liner.

If you think you’ve gone big enough… go bigger! The drama is key to creating this Halloween makeup look. Accentuate the eyeliner in the corner of the eye and extend this downwards to create an exaggerated appearance.

Don’t put the liner down just yet! Imagine creating another wing, but this time, flip it upside down. Draw this wing a little shorter and understated.

Expert tip: Don’t worry if you go wrong. Mistakes can always be wiped up carefully with a makeup wipe to create a super sharp line.

Step 5 – Add the Final Touches to Your Eyes

To finish up your eyes, use shade ‘White’ from the Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set and follow the line of your wing all the way along. Repeat this and scoop the liner underneath the wing too.

Expert Tip: To ensure staying power, set with a powder using a precise brush. The Shade ‘White Raven’ from the Revolution X Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Forever Flawless Shadow Palette is perfect for this.

Step 6 – Extra-Long Lashes

The lashes on this Halloween makeup look really do bring the wow factor. Either strip lashes or individuals, whichever your preference, will work a trick or treat!

Step 7 – Add Beauty Spots

Beauty spots are the perfect finishing touches to this Halloween looks.

The Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set is ideal! Using shade ‘Black’, our model places the spots on her cheeks, chin and nose, but please take your artistic freedom to place these where you wish!

Step 8 – Finish with a Gradient Lip

The gradient lip is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your events this Halloween. This lip look is literally the definition of simple but effective.

Fill in top lip using the liner provided in the Revolution Relove Ghostin Lip Kit. Extend the corners out slightly to create that elongated look. Fill in the lower lip using the lip stain in shade ‘Swoon’.

And there you have it; the best Vampire look for this spooky season.

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Look 3 – Freaky Fortune Teller

halloween fortune teller makeup


And our final look is our Freaky Fortune Teller – this has to be one of our faves! Although a little more technical than others, the final result is worth it!

Here’s how to create this Carnival Fortune Teller Halloween makeup look.

Step 1 – Get Your Base On

Apply your fave base products to give yourself a long-lasting, oil-free finish. Use a darker contour shape to carve out the cheekbones.

Step 2 – This Look is All About the Eyes

At first glance, this Halloween look can seem scary to approach (pardon the pun). But don’t worry, we can walk you through this spooky makeup tutorial step by step.

First, reach for the Makeup Revolution Carnival of Curiosity Shadow Palette and use shades ‘Trapeze’ and ‘Clown’ to diffuse this all over your eye, onto the bridge of the nose, and up to the brow bone.

Step 3 – Add Your Statement Sparkle

The shade ‘Curiosity’ from the Makeup Revolution Carnival of Curiosity Shadow Palette is the best way to add your statement sparkle. The sparkle fills your lids, the corner of your eyes, moving slightly onto the lower lash line.

If you want to add even more sparkle, small gems can be added along the curvature of your brow bone to give that extra element of glamour – Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be all guts and gore!

Step 4 – Finish Off with Some Eyeliner

First reach for the ‘White’ shade from the Halloween Terror Transformation Liquid Liner Set to cut the crease of the eye. This will change the game by highlighting and creating contrast to help your eyes pop!

From the same palette, reach for shade ‘Black’ to add another spooky touch. Draw two triangular shapes tapering from the eyes and down the cheeks to enhance that evil vibe.

If you want to go the extra mile, the eyeliner can also be used to add a few beauty spots on the face.

Step 5 – Blood Tears

Using our Makeup Revolution Creator SFX Fake Blood Jelly, create some blood tears rolling from the lower lash line, all the way down the face.

And voila, eyes complete!

Step 6 – Add Your Third Eye

Now for the main event: the third eye.

To achieve this, reach for the Creator SFX Face Paint Palette and use the white shade to create the eye shape in the center of your forehead.

Then, select the ‘black’ shade and create the spike shape underneath the eye and pull it down, following the central line of the nose.

All that’s left is to add some strip lashes onto both sides of the eye to offer that extra level of spookiness and dimension. Simple, right?

Expert Tip: To take this Halloween makeup look to the next level, add some shadow in the shade ‘Mystery’ from the Makeup Revolution Carnival of Curiosity Shadow Palette inside the eye to enhance the detail and create a more mystical vibe.

Step 7 – Now for the Lips

The lips remain simple for this look, a lick of our Matte Bomb Lure Red and your look is complete!

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And that’s a wrap! These are our fave Halloween makeup tutorials this spooky season! Be sure to tag @makeuprevolution in your scary snaps! 

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