What Is Lip Oil (And Why You Need One)

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With all the beauty fads floating round your Instagram right now it’s hard to find the good through the bad. However, we have a feeling this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

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So, What Is Lip Oil?

Lip Oil in simple terms, is a blend of a nourishing lip balm, with the appearance of a lip gloss. We all love a glossy lip, whether it be for a night out, or a dewy no-makeup makeup look, they really are a cult favorite.

What Is Lip Oil Used For?

So, when do I opt for a Lip Oil rather than a balm?

Lip Oils are a great lightweight way to nourish your lips for a soft, supple finish, everyday. Not only do they add a glass-like finish on their own, but they can also be added on top of lip makeup to add extra shine.

Whether you opt for a clear oil or one with a touch of color, we’ll show you that lip oils come in a variety of options to suit you. Meaning you can enjoy the skin care benefits of the product with look of beautiful makeup.

Our Favorite Lip Oils

I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Lip Oil

Coming in various peachy shades, the I Heart Revolution Taty Peach Lip Oil is formulated to nourish and soften your lips for a gorgeous, juicy pout.

Not only this, but the beautifully tropical peachy scent makes this lip oil an essential addition to your makeup routine or pamper night!

Makeup Revolution Rehab Overnight Lip Serum

If you’re looking for a lip oil that delivers real skincare benefits, this one’s for you! Our Makeup Revolution Rehab Overnight Lip Serum acts as an ultra-hydrating skincare treatment!, From Mango Butter to Hyaluronic Acid, this lip oil is packed full of goodness to keep your lips hydrated all day and night!

Pro Rescue Lip Oil

Our Pro Rescue Lip Oil is another must-have to have in your bag. Infused with incredibly nourishing and indulgent ingredients, this oil is formulated with green tea, shea, jojoba and so much more to give you a high shine, glassy finish.

With a premium gold metal tip applicator, this product has a calming and cooling effect on your lips, giving your lips a revitalizing glow throughout the day.

Pro Renew Lip Conditioner

And finally, we have the Pro Renew Lip Conditioner, another amazing option to further hydrate your lips, especially during the winter. Featuring a lightweight formula and wide doe-foot applicator, you don’t have to worry about that greasy feeling.

And it gets better! This lip conditioner is concocted with Vitamin E, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil – your lips will thank you! Say goodbye to those dry, dull lips and hello to a soft, supple pout.

PSA: Not only will your lips feel so much more comfortable but whatever lip makeup you choose to wear, you will have a flawless finish!

Expert Tip: Apply overnight for a more conditioning result.


And that was our take on lip oils and why you need one in your life!


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