Our Purpose

Revolution Beauty exists to develop incredible, cruelty free beauty for everyone, made accessible in shade and affordable for all.


We will always strive to do more #progressnotperfection.

All the content we create at Revolution follows our Zero Retouch Revolution policy. We know all too well that what we push out into the world has consequences, and we take our responsibility in normalising beauty standards incredibly seriously. We love to share our fans' looks on our socials and we won't share a look which appears as if it has been retouched #zeroretouchrevolution
Revolution has championed diversity and inclusion since the day it was born. With our purpose to develop cosmetics and skincare for every skin tone and for every budget, we have achieved many firsts in the beauty industry, from often launching the largest shade ranges in the market to the world's first makeup collab with a male influencer in Carmi. Working with a diverse talent pool and making sure our product ranges are widely available should be a given but there are areas we could do much better in. We are committed to a programme of constant focus and evaluation from around the business. Following the BLM movement in 2020, we took steps to ensure accountability and improve areas where we were lacking in diversity. We launched our Power the Revolution team collective to fast track this diversity across the business. Power the Revolution’s first achievement was to launch our annual Revolution Academy with the aim of breaking down barriers to entering the beauty industry, offering the opportunity of employment (12 month paid position) to a diverse and under-represented group. In the first cohort, we recruited from ethnic minority groups and those with a registered disability. Four team members joined Revolution Beauty early in 2021.
Here are some of the charities that we have donated money to since 2018; Marie Curie, MIND, Minnesota Freedom Fund, Centrepoint, True Colors United, SEED. We regularly donate product to charities and care givers.
All our suppliers are required to sign up to our Code of Conduct.
Also part of the code of conduct, we expect our suppliers to have in place a valid social audit too.