Our Purpose

Revolution Beauty exists to develop incredible, cruelty free beauty for everyone, made accessible in shade and affordable for all.


We strive to bring our customers the latest ingredients, technology and formulations at an affordable price. 

We want to break down barriers that stop people from enjoying beauty - be that price, shade range or accessibility.

We will always strive to do more #progressnotperfection.

Everything we produce is cruelty-free and always has been. We're certificated to PETA and never allow animal testing at any stage of development for both ingredients and final products.

Our mission is to become 100% vegan for all Revolution Skincare in 2021. We are working to increase the amount of vegan products we have across all our brands going forward.

Synthetic ingredients are a much more reliable source as they are not reliant on harvests and consistent purity, whereas naturals are not. By using synthetics, you are also not competing with land needed to grow food, and so can be considered more sustainable. With all our products we review the options and choose the ingredients we feel are best on balance.

Preservatives keep our products free from bacteria, moulds and fungi that would otherwise spoil the product and cause harm.

We try and offer a mix of options - fragrance free, natural fragrance and synthetic fragrance. Some ingredients have odours which some people may find unpleasant, so we may add a fragrance to mask this. For some products, fragrance is a part of the sensory experience.

Upcycled ingredients are ingredients made from unused residual 'waste' from another process. For example, when fruits are juiced, the residual pulp and seeds can be discarded, or useful extracts made from them.

Before going on sale, all out products are assessed for safety against regulations in EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East and most major South American countries. All our factories comply with good manufacturing practices (GWP). This is a legal requirement. 

Around 60% of our products are made in China, 25% in Taiwan, 15% in UK, Italy, France & Germany.